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Holiday /Seasonal

Activity Units

Book Activities

Great Sites

Writing Math Spelling Theme Units Miscellaneous
Fun Activities Science Social Studies Reading/ Language Arts

Graphic Organizers

Book Titles and  Activities

Enjoying Literacy +Links 

Family and Literacy

USA Activities 9-11


  Teacher Portfolios Visit our WTC Writing with Pictures and Music

Back To School Activities



Links for Subs   










Poetry Plus~ 3rd Grade Unit

Math Poems

Using Poetry to Teach Reading

Getting To Know Each Other Through Poetry-Bio Poems

Inspire a love of poetry

Guess Who?

Giggle Poetry

Poems for Teachers and Children

Poem a Day

Poetry Teachers

Poetry and Writing

Poems About Reading

The Poetry Corner

More Poetry Sites

Poetry, Songs and Rhymes

Poetry for Children

5W Poetry

Pro-Teacher Poetry

Poetry Scavenger Hunt

Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes


How to Write a 5W Poem

Formula Poems

Online Magnetic Poetry

Poetry Theatre 

Theme Poetry


Poetry For Children

Poetry Pals Activities

Songs and Poems

Online Songs and Poetry

Science Poems

Nancy's Teacher Resources

Poetry Project 2001

Poetry for Kids-Links

Poetry Pals


Kidz Page! Poetry

Poetry~Snow and Winter

Public Speaking Poetry Sites


St. Patrick's Day Word Search

St. Patrick's Day Hidden Message Word Search

Valentine Candy Heart Bar Graph

Theme Poetry and Links

Winter in Kindergarten

Snowman Unit at The Virtual Vine

Snowman literacy lessons

Earth Day

Mother's Day

A Snow Thematic Unit K-12

Theme Poetry

Winter and Holiday Activities

Christmas 2003: Official Site


Around the World Holiday Story

New Year's Fun

Circus Theme

Awesome Autumn

Halloween Teaching Theme

Thanksgiving Theme

Father's Day

Winter Activities

Winter Fun

Hanukkah worksheets and other printables

Hanukkah Celebration with Hanukat

Christmas Worksheet and other printables

All holiday worksheets, plus

Winter Theme

Back To School

Choose a Holiday

Holiday Poems

Spring Holidays

Autumn Poetry

Month to Month Activities

A Snowy Unit

Kids Domain


Halloween Tales Story Starters


 Activity Units

Book Activities

Great Education Sites

How to Eat Fried Worms

Linda's Links to Literature

Sample Web Tech Act.

123Reading Road

Earth Day Activities

Amazin' Amelia


4th Grade Unit on Humor

FREE Thematic Unit every week

Thematic Units-Math component

Core Knowledge Lesson Plans

Zoo Animals

Wizard of Oz Lesson Plans

Peter Pan Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Celebrating Dr. Seuss

Fairy Tale Unit

Monthly Activities and Lessons


















 Book Units for Kindergarten

The Polar Express

Online Literature Log

BFG Activities: Roahl Dahl

Reading Activities

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: Lesson plan

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly: Lesson plan

The Kissing Hand: Lesson plan

Story Books Online

Who took the cookies from the cookie jar?

The Mitten

Mouse Mess

Do you want to be my friend?

Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom

Paired Books, Fiction-Non-Fiction

Magic Tree House:

Buffalo Before Breakfast

Civil War on Sunday

Dinosaurs Before Dark

Earthquake in the Early Morning

Hour of the Olympics

The Knight at Dawn

Mummies In The Morning

Pirates Past Noon

Polar Bears Past Bedtime

Revolutionary War on Wednesday

Tigers at Twilight

Tonight on the Titanic

Vacation Under the Volcano


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Chocolate Touch

Chocolate Fever

How to Eat Fried Worms

Old Yeller

Sarah, Plain and Tall


Stone Fox

Stuart Little

The Whipping Boy


Big Book Ideas~K-2

Book Making in Grade 2

Guided Reading Lessons

Guided Lesson-Three Little Pigs

Learning with Mysteries

Official Roald Dahl Website

Meeting and Reading Dr. Seuss

Book Making in Grade2

Magic Tree House Activities

Arthur Tricks The Tooth Fairy

If You Give A Moose A Muffin

Online Books

Accordion Books

Make a Paper Bag Book

More Ideas For Book Reports

























Mrs. Schwartz's First Grade

Super Savers

Computer Literacy: reader's theatre. literacy, etc.

Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun

Lots of Interactive Sites

Early Childhood Links

Worldwide School Library

Read, Write Sing Lessons-K

Rubric Generator

Kindergarten Consultant

Posters, letters for Literacy

Teaching Pets

Research Quest

Kindergarten Links

Recipes for Art Supplies

Four Blocks ~ Upper Grades

Teaching Treasures

Interactive Word Games

Accordian Books

Home School World

The First Grade~Links

First Grade Backpacks

Cheryl M. Sigmon-4Blocks

Lots of Links-LA

Teaching Ideas

Time for Kids

Not Another Inservice

International Educational Site-Game

Word Wall Activities

Mrs. Silverman's Webfolio

Sight Word Soup


A Kid's Heart


Everything on First Grade Level

Grade 2

Grade 3



Grades 4-6

Grades 7-12

World of Wacky Words

Early Elem. World Wide Web Sites

Readers Theatre-Scripts and Plays

Readers Theatre-Scripts of the Month

Lesson Plans From The Teachers Desk

Kindergarten Make It Fun

4 Blocks to Reading


Teaching is a Work of Heart

The School Site

Michelle's Place

Teacher Resources

Little Explorers Online Dictionary

A World of Kindergartens

Welcome To Z World





Every picture tells a story

Primary Writing Checklist


WritingFix for Kids

Writing Fix For Kids: Idea Game

Making Writing Fun

Reading Response Journals

Journal Writing Prompts

Writing Topics K-12

Powerpoint Grammar

Worksheets-reading, grammar, etc

Improving Writing Skills

How to Start Writer's Workshop

Writing Prompts and Journal Topics

Story Tellers




Writing4Kids(Kids Page)

Mini Lessons-over 100

Teddy Bears

Writing Prompts And Journal Topics

The Writing Tree

Synonyms And Antonyms 

Subject Predicate Song

Poetry Immersion 

My Favorite Toy

Re-Writing Fairy Tales

Tons of Writing Ideas

Luscious Language Links

Skip counting: Skip-counting games, Skip counting with Skip-a-Roo, Number Charts to Practice counting

Math- Times tables in 21 days

King's List of Math for Middle School

 Figure This

Math Puzzles

World Problems

Mr. R's World of Math

Education 4Kids

Multiplication Grid

Interactive math

Learning Math

Stock Market

Powerpoint Presentation of math

Create Flash Cards

Free Educational Games and Flashcards

Math Fact Cafe

Math Sites

Math Lessons That Are Fun

Addition and Subtraction Idea Bank

Let's Do Math

Math Centers

Math Forum-Grades 3-5

Middle and High School Math

Math Stories: Children's Books


AAA Math

Electronic Marketplace

Banking On Math


Brain Teasers

Math Flash

Elementary School Teachers Place

A Menagerie of Math Links

Math Stories






First School Years

Magic Squares Game

Bingo Generator

Musical Spelling Rules

Interactive Games

Cross Curricular Spelling Tests Grade2

Spelling Worksheets-Grade2

Spice Up Your Spelling Lessons

Sign Language

Everyday Spelling Grade 2

Room 108 Spelling

  • Common words (Grade 1-2)
  • Number words (Grade 2)
  • Animal words (Grade 2)

Spelling Word Hangman

Mrs. Alphabet

My Spelling List for The Year (Grade 2)










Theme Units



Theme Links

Theme Day

The Electric Teacher

Rona's Teacher Tools 

Thematic Web Pages

Themes Track

The Farm

Theme Poetry


Awesome Autumn




The Virtual Vine

Thematic Units for Elem. Grades

Michelle's Thematic Units 



Space Theme-Kindergarten

School Express

Back To School Themes

Alphabet Theme

Circus Theme

Themes On Line

Sunshine On Line

Penguin Theme




















Sub's Daily Report

Mrs. G's Bag of Goodies

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: Lesson plan

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly: Lesson plan

The Kissing Hand: Lesson plan

Links for Substitutes

Work sheets

Substitute Teacher Survival Site

How to Be A Substitute Teacher

The Substitute Teacher's Page

Writing Prompts and Journal Topics

Sub Teacher Help Pages

Substitute Teacher Guide

Sub Station: Tips and Resources

Tips for Subs and New Teacher

Sub Teacher Checklist

Tips for Sub

A Packet for Sub Teachers

Substitute Teachers Sites - Secondary School Educators Net Links

The Total Substitute Teacher's Page



























Pocket Chart uses

Reading Response Journals

Teacher's electronic gradebook software

Translator Site

Kid Friendly Links

Favorite Sites

Game House

Puzzle Maker

Grolier Kids Clubs

Scholastic-Magic School Bus

Games by Grade Levels

Daily Behavioral Charts

Easy Test  Maker  

Graphic Organizer Generator

PowerPoint Games

Desktop Presentations in Literacy Settings~Powerpoint

PowerPoint Connection

Teacher's Weekly Schedule Generator

Free Worksheets and Awards

Easy Test Maker

Teaching Treasures

Create a Venn Diagram

A Packet for Substitute Teachers

Rhyming Dictionary Online

Timesaving Teacher Resources

ESL as a Second Language

Designer Free Banner for website

All you need to know about computer programs-step by step: interactive stories, paint, talking books, etc. (I.C.T.)

Bingo Template

Multiple Meanings of Words/Worksheets

Weekly Schedule Generator

Weekly Lesson Plan

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Keyboarding Lesson Plan

The Lesson Plans Page

Teacher's Weekly Schedule Generator

Elementary Classroom Rules

New Teacher Articles-How To Start

Teach a rule or routine

Inclusion Ideas-Go to Miscellaneous on this page.
Free Math, Spelling, Puzzles, and Vocabulary Worksheets.

What happened on the day you were born?

Cool Word of the Day

Mosaic of Thought Resourses

Cool Fact of the Day

Personalized Awards

Making a Class Newspaper (4-6)

Mojo's Musical Mouseum

Achievement Award Certificates

Children's Songs

Forms And Letters For Teachers

Report Card Comments

Web Ring Links

The 100th Day of School Website

Preparing for back To School Activities

Power Point in the Classroom

Third Grade Rubrics

100 Ideas for Building Character 

The Story of Fairness (Go to



ArtiFAQ 2100



Reading/Language Arts

Social Studies

Science Fair Resources

Science Fair Checklist

Insects In the Classroom

How things fly: Teaching flight

Science and Wave Power - Energy

Butterflies and Bugs

Sounds Alive


Slime Time Science


Have You Ever Met A Tree?

Colors of the rainbow-Kindergarten

Bubble Town

Ocean Planet

Chemistry in the Kitchen

Why Is The Mona Lisa Smiling?

Kitchen Chemistry

Cool Science for Kids

Students Index

Marine Lesson Plans

Science Lessons by Subject

Hands On Earth Science

Science Sites


Earth Day

Science Museums

Eat Your Fruits And Vegetables 

PleaseMore Science Activities










Reading Comprehension Grades 4-6

Scripts for Schools

Readers Theatre

Primary Reading Games

Reading A~Z (Leveled books to download with worksheet activities)

Reading-leveled books, guided lessons, reading sheets, decodable books, etc.

Language Arts-Grade3

Phonics Phun Words

High Frequency Words 1-5

Printable Books


Flashcard for Word Walls-Printable

Reading Strategies

Literature Based Reading Lessons

Story Wheels

Tell Me A Story K-1


Literature Circle Structure (2-3)

Readers Theatre

Ideas For Favorite Stories


Reading Comprehension Site


 Literature Web Guide

Language Arts Sites

Literature Activities

Kids Bookshelf

Kids Stories

A Wealth of Reading Support

Graphic Organizers

Bookmarks (Need Acrobat Reader)

Leveled Book List

International Reading Association

Biography Day

The Biography Maker

Roberto Clemente

Interactive Quiz on the Capital Cities 

In Memory of WTC

Biographies for Young Readers


Ben Franklin

Underground Railroad

Class Produced Play-Harriet Tubman

Black History Month

Surviving the Antarctic

Africa-Go to S.S. and view many links

Fourth Grade Ellis Island Journal Project

This Day in History

China (Go to S.S. Site)

Social Studies Sites

Adventures in Time and Place

This Land Is Our Land

Colonial Website

50 States Website

Coloring Book of Flags

Rivers of the World

Free Blank Maps

Map Maker

Social Studies K-12

Women in History





Book Titles  with Activities 

More Book Titles with Activities


Curious George

Junie B Jones

Amelia Bedelia

Magic Tree House

Arthur's Home Site

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Ramona Books

Magic School Bus

Berenstain Bear Country

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

The World of Trees (lesson)

Literature Connections 3-6

The Napping House

If You Give A Moose A Muffin

One Fish, Two Fish

The Mitten

Ira Says Goodbye

Pancakes, Pancakes

A Chair For My Mother

Make Way For Ducklings

Caps For Sale

The Giving Tree

A River Ran Wild

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Pepito's Story




Best School Year Ever

Flossie and the Fox

Sarah Plain and Tall

Stone Fox

The Trumpet of the Swan

Dear Mr. Henshaw

Where The Wild Things Are

Lots of books by title- Pro Teacher

Stone Fox: A Collection of Lessons

Magic Tree House

There's A Boy In The Girl's Bathroom

The Gingerbread Man

Children's Author's and Illustrators-Teacher Resources

Freckle Juice   ~   Comp. Questions

Roald Dahl Fans: Lessons and Objectives

Internet Public Library Youth Division

ESL KidStuff

Spanish Picture Dictionary

ESL Lesson Plans and Resources

EFL ESL Lesson Worksheets

USINGENGLISH.COM - Resources / Glossary / Downloads / Forum

ESL site for learning English

ESL Lounge

Spanish Activities

ESL Learning Center

Spanish Flashcards



ESL Games

Literacy Interactive

Teaching fish - latest ESL games


EFL Games

Interesting things for ESL students

ESL Games and Activities -K-12

English Games

Games for the ESL Classroom





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We're Proud To be Americans!


Crafts and Activities     Zoom School USA       USA Flag, Clipart

 Addie's Ideas For Teaching About America      Helping Kids Cope


An American Tribute      Patriotic Wind Chimes  Our Flag...In Remembrance

Beaded Pins     USA Blackline Flag     Eagle Coloring Page

    An American Tragedy - Lesson Plan     Teaching Tolerance

Our Flag...In Remembrance: Thematic Unit

Let Freedom Ring ,   One Year Later...In Remembrance

Let Freedom Ring: Song by Kay Seameyer


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