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May 5, 2001 ~ August 22, 2002

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Rhonda W   22/Aug/2002:19:34:14
Jane Koe   22/Aug/2002:06:51:07
Hi, I am a parent volunteer helping out at my daughter's primary
school. I assisted in the reading programmes for children in her
school who are slow learners and find your website useful. Thanks and
all the best from Singapore.
hema   20/Aug/2002:20:31:14
Sylanta Oliver   17/Aug/2002:01:15:58
gladys cormier   14/Aug/2002:16:18:13
Barbara Watson   30/Jul/2002:15:41:30
Anissa Davis FREE CATALOGS 30/Jul/2002:09:50:27
Hello from California

Deeann   18/Jul/2002:19:40:55

Just discovered your page today and love what you have done.
Your clip-art is sweet!
Planning on sharing your web address in my ED class tomorrow.
Heidi   11/Jul/2002:14:27:34
I teach English to German kids and do often use resources from the web.
Your site is WOW!!!Very helpful, thanks.
Eva   06/Jul/2002:12:21:50
This is a wonderful site! I am a Kindergarten teacher and I will share
it with my co-workers.
Janice   02/Jul/2002:09:48:45
Great site!!! I am changing to 2nd grade and have enjoyed browsing
your site for some ideas and info.
Dee   30/Jun/2002:23:41:38
Great Site!
christy   28/Jun/2002:10:54:49
hi just wonted to say this is a great site love the music to.
I'm a homeschooling mom of 5 and it helps out alot thanks
Vikki   27/Jun/2002:09:58:30
This is a wonderful web page! So many great links for teachers! I
appreciate your sharing this valuable resource.
Ann   24/Jun/2002:01:17:45
You have so many wonderful things on your site. I have visited many
times before today and have been thrilled each time!
Bette   15/Jun/2002:09:54:17
Excellent job. I envy your talent in setting up such a fun web site.
I love the music.
emma   14/Jun/2002:19:09:50
Elsa B. Nava yahoo 11/Jun/2002:02:45:35
Pamelar   03/Jun/2002:17:14:54
Your site is great! Would love more "stuff for K level on "Wizard of
PedagoNet PedagoNet - Learning Resources 26/May/2002:19:21:45
Keep up the good work!
jstwt   26/May/2002:16:39:33
I cant get to any links. When I click on one, it just takes me back to
the top. What am I doing wrong?
joystwt   26/May/2002:16:37:18
I just arrived. Looks great!
Andraya   26/May/2002:14:03:57
Hi. This is a very missleading site. All I wanted to do was make
some flashcards on the computer and this site says that it could do it
for me. i'm really dissappointed!
pam mccknought   25/May/2002:07:48:17
Deb   24/May/2002:21:47:07
I became aware of this web page through a second grade mailring I am
in. What a wonderful resource. I placed it in my favorites catagory
immediately. I will refer to it often. Thanks for the hard work to make
this available for teachers and children.
Diane Walter   24/May/2002:18:24:32
I found this site by accident,but I love what I found.
Jenny Radigan   21/May/2002:21:58:09
Absolutely loved this site! Thanks!
Julie Wilson   21/May/2002:12:59:01
Thank-you for such a great website!!We can always use helpful websites
that our children can use.Mine love it!!
Stephanie Kuhn   09/May/2002:14:28:07
I love your website:)
Sherry Lowery   07/May/2002:08:31:01
debbie   05/May/2002:20:21:05
Reenie   30/Apr/2002:19:51:36
Decided to check out this site for a Solar System unit I'm doing.
Thanks for making this so easy!!!
evelyn   26/Apr/2002:22:56:24
sharon Buchanan   26/Apr/2002:19:07:53
Hi, it's my first time viewing this site. Im just looking for some
words for my 2nd -&- 3rd grades can use for a spelling bee.
Lynn Morgan   20/Apr/2002:12:03:04
Thanks for a great site!
kathy Lee   16/Apr/2002:19:24:02
Charla Johnson   12/Apr/2002:16:45:28
This site is super! I've linked it to the Hancock Elementary Library
web site for the students to use and enjoy. Thanks for all of your hard
work !!
Leslie D'Attilo   30/Mar/2002:23:34:56
I love this website! It's informative, detailed, and exciting to
browse!! As a young teacher, you can't imagine what a great deal of
help this website will be for me. It's already been saved on
my "favorites" column. Thank You!!!!! Mrs. Leslie D'Attilo
Jessica Martinez   26/Mar/2002:22:39:18
Yehudit Petrera   19/Mar/2002:14:27:53
Your website is wonderful!!!!!!!! I can not wait to use all of these
resources, there is so much here!! Thank You!
Kayla   19/Mar/2002:13:09:56
I think you website is great. I am in my second year of college and I
am already getting ideas for my future class. I can't wait to teach!!!
ME   17/Mar/2002:18:37:29
you should have poems about candy, written by actual poets!! because i
have this project and i have to look up poems about candy, but i can't
fidn any! so i came to this site and only found kids poems. you should
have poems about candy by actual poets, for examples. well i got to go
now bye bye, it's a nice site though!
mary   13/Mar/2002:18:56:13
Jennifer Beach-Eberl   05/Mar/2002:21:42:03
Shelley Stanford   02/Mar/2002:02:30:46
Cynthia   27/Feb/2002:00:36:34
What a wonderful web site you have made. I am sure I will use it often.
Janet   19/Feb/2002:18:30:44
Donna Layne   11/Feb/2002:20:48:33
Judy Krueger   10/Feb/2002:15:40:00
Just discovered you!
tara   07/Feb/2002:19:50:58
I like your web page.
Kara   04/Feb/2002:20:40:30
Cam Dix   02/Feb/2002:10:16:59
Feb. 2/02

Dear Ms. Stein,

I found Tooter4Kids while doing a regular internet search for Grade 2
classroom teaching materials.

I have only begun to scratch the surface of your site but it looks
terrific. I happened to click on Weather and was pleased to see it
contained your own work! Have only looked at the Water Cycle and I
will use it with my children.

Thank you very much for making this, and your entire website available
for teachers to explore.

I've been teaching various grades for 17 years now but I must confess
I'm still just becoming computer literate and it takes me a long time
to explore all of the nooks and crannies in a website that one can
click on.

Finally, I don't think "location" shows up automatically in e-mails so
I'll let you know that my school is in Toronto, Canada.

Once again, thank you very much for all of your hard work with this


Cam Dix
Nancy Collins   31/Jan/2002:08:23:31
Great Sight!
Robyn W.   29/Jan/2002:20:17:47
Great site!
diane moran   26/Jan/2002:15:12:15
Cecilia Heraud   23/Jan/2002:15:44:30
What a lovely page!! I couldnīt help but smile as I was looking at the
pictures. The music is welcoming too. Thank you for your time and for
making this page available to teachers. My school is in Lima, Peru and
we shall be doing a unit on Fairy Tales. Great ideas.
Mr. Al Boucher Campbell Elementary School 08/Jan/2002:20:27:29
Thanks for the great ideas that I can use with my classes
tomorrow. Your site is well organized and easy to navigate.
Kyndal   27/Dec/2001:16:32:08
Karina K.   02/Dec/2001:00:59:09
I was wondering if any one who is running this site may know where i
could find a printable pattern for a straw, stick, and brick house
because i am doing a finger play which is called "The three little
pigs,and the big bad wolf.
Naira Tewfik none 01/Dec/2001:06:48:21
I just broswed through your site and being an English Language teacher
in Egypt I feel in love with you system, but I would like to download
some sheets like Grammar and Vocabulary work for my grade 12 students
sheets that will make them think and enjoy their lessons.
Irena   30/Nov/2001:11:41:01
good job!
Kimberly Saffo   23/Nov/2001:21:11:32
Ellen   12/Nov/2001:21:19:53
Thank you for a great web site. I have been looking for a list of
possible journal topics for a while!
Christy Fredonia Elementary School 05/Nov/2001:16:45:38
Enjoyed your website. We have just started working on ours and we are
always looking for new ideas.
Thanks again
Aleesha   01/Nov/2001:23:30:19
Thanks so much for posting all this information...in just a few clicks
I had a whole host of new ideas for my next theme unit...thanks again,
Bev Mrs.Sirois' Mousehole 01/Nov/2001:15:26:50
I am so happy thatb I visited your site. What a wonderful job you have
done. I will be back often as there is so much to see and learn on your
site. Thank you for sharing.
Renee   29/Oct/2001:20:15:40
Melody Henry   24/Oct/2001:16:40:42
Vicki Neutzler   15/Oct/2001:23:05:00
N Carew   13/Oct/2001:09:54:29
Rachel Kentoffio   11/Oct/2001:17:56:29
I love your web page. I only have one problem. If you don't know
exactly what you are looking for, it can be very difficult to find.

I do enjoy searching around though. You would think that after having
a child in your class for one year already I would be well versed. I
unfortunately get very little time for playing and just looking for the
fun of it.

Thank you for all your comments and letters returned to the girls.
They love hearing from you.

wanda king   09/Oct/2001:20:16:51
krystal pellerin   07/Oct/2001:13:51:28
your website is a great help to new teachers!
Marcia Diaz   05/Oct/2001:16:12:49
You page is wonderful thank you so much.
Kathy Kids Krazy Recipes 13/Sep/2001:14:13:22
A lot of hard work went into your site.. I really enjoyed it..
Ramona L   05/Sep/2001:21:17:50
Homeschooling mom - GREAT SITE
annette   05/Sep/2001:20:45:45
l think it had very interesting things in it and l am a daycare teacher
for 3 years
Paula Rayford   01/Sep/2001:21:25:32
I found your site to be different and helpful.
Ray Plank   29/Aug/2001:20:13:28
Wow! What a great site. Thanks for all the useful tips.
Bruce Foster 19/Aug/2001:21:18:17
My graduate and undergraduate students will be required to bookmark and
use this great site. You are to be congratulated! Thank you.
Bruce Foster
Professor of Reading
Rowan Universit
Verlene   18/Aug/2001:23:13:36
Great Site! Thanks.
Judy Gouty   12/Aug/2001:08:49:34
annie   05/Aug/2001:05:18:59
it is a great work you do
annie   05/Aug/2001:05:18:37
it is a great work you do
nancy   04/Aug/2001:10:02:42
Tom Lee   24/Jul/2001:09:40:54
Keep up the good work. I like all your resources to assist my kids.
Will surly recommend your site to friends.
Korrie White   17/Jul/2001:22:03:26
Sandi Foust   24/Jun/2001:11:28:54
I love all of the bears! You have great resources. Thanks for working
so hard. I love the site.
Bette Hinckley   23/Jun/2001:07:08:27
Wonderful site. I'm sure I will be a regular visitor!
Mary Flynn Songs 4 Teachers 16/Jun/2001:08:59:37
I am an elementary teacher in Ontario, Canada.
I enjoyed my visit. You have a great Web Site...

Mary @ http://www.songs4teachers.com
Arlene Beers   29/May/2001:20:01:15
Tony Segelski   21/May/2001:18:10:30

Your website is a delight! It almost makes me want to return to

Alice Themes 05/May/2001:11:40:14
I want to thank you tooter for so many interesting themes I have used
in my classroom because of you. I went on your teachers page,
classroom page and my kids use it in the classroom, too. I feel
confident that when they go on it is child safe.
Keep up the good work.
I would like to see spiders for the fall and also owls .


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