Reading Response Journals

Your work should show that you can:

make a connection between the text and yourself.

That reminds me of...

That made me think of the time...

I can relate...



Make a connection between the text and other texts.

This part is just like...

That reminds me of...

I read another book where...

This is similar to...



Or make a connection between the text and other things you know.

That reminds me of...

This is like...

I know about this...but I didn't know that.



Write  about the character (s), events, or setting

Write about the important ideas.

Write about something new you learned.

Does a character or scene in this book have any qualities as in real life?

What character did you feel most happy for? Why?

What character did you identify with or feel the most sympathy?  What is it about the character that made you feel this way?




As you read, write your personal response in your reading log.  

State your feelings, thoughts, reactions, and questions about situations, ideas, actions, character, setting, symbols, plot, theme, and any other elements of the book.  

You can't be wrong, so take risks and be honest.


Write about what you like or dislike, what seems confusing, or unusual to you.

Tell what you think something means.

Make predictions about what might happen later

Relate your personal experiences which connect with the plot, characters or setting.

Don't just summarize!  Let me hear your voice!!

*Remember your responses are to be recorded in your journal. 


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