*September 11, 2001 






We're Proud To be United Americans in wake of this horrible tragedy!

Picture taken by Mari McGowan

Mari is a First Grade Teacher, in Spring Lake, NJ.  Please visit her website.





Hear "Let Freedom Ring"

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In order to get  my kids to express themselves I decided to first read them  " The Binch."  We compared this with The Grinch  and then discussed how we felt.  The kids  then had a chance to write down some of their feelings and thoughts.  They did one  terrific job!  Nobody, in their wildest dreams ever thought that we would ever have to put aside our curriculum to discuss such a tragedy. But, in doing so, I feel they have come out stronger and more understanding of the world and what it means to be an American.

 We shared our writing together on September 17, 2001.  

Please visit this site to view poetry from two of my second graders. http://www.tooter4kids.com/Classroom/Writing4Kids/jennifer_and_tara.htm

The Second Grade Classes will be doing a Read-a-Thon and donating the monies to the Disaster Relief Fund.

As of July 4, 2002 ~Visit this beautiful site after viewing mine.  I Am The Flag


      August 10, 2002 ~ In Remembrance 

       September 13,  2002 ~ Our Remembrance of 9-11

       February ~ 2003 ~ Let Freedom Ring

      April 13, 2003~ A Tribute to My Uncle~ By: Kurtis/ Age 12

December 23, 2003 ~ Let Freedom Ring ~ Sung and written by Kay Seamayer

                                            ~Mrs. Susan Stein                                    

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Last week something very sad happened in the city.  Two airplanes crashed into the Twin Towers.  All the bad guys think they can stop us from being united, but they can't.  Our hearts give more than we can say.  America is one.  We love America.  I am so sad for the people.  All the bad guys think they can ruin America , but they can't.  I cried.  My mom didn't go to work because of what happened in the city.  When I got home, I watched TV and I saw the airplanes crash into the Twin Towers!  God, Bless America!

By: Samantha

Last week something terrible happened.  Two airplanes crashed into the Twin Towers and a lot of people died.  They crashed into the Twin Towers because they thought that if they destroyed the Twin Towers they'd destroy our pride and hope!  Now a lot of countries are banding together to destroy the country that destroyed the Twin Towers!  God Bless, America!

By: Joshua

Something terrible happened in NYC last week.  Two planes crashed into the Twin Towers.  My uncle was just walking in when he saw the planes crash.  He ran as quickly as he possibly could.  God was with him the whole time.  I was scared.  I was so scared that  I went to church for two days in a row.  My uncle was missing for two days.  But, he is safely back.

By: Melissa

Last Tuesday something terrible happened.  Two planes crashed into the Twin Towers.  A lot of people died.  The bad guys thought that they could stop the USA from having hope and pride.  A lot of people lost loved ones.  Some people are very lucky because they didn't lose loved ones.  I am very upset because of what happened.  I didn't lose any loved ones.  When the planes crashed the Twin Towers collapsed and so did some other buildings.  A lot of people are very upset because of what happened.  On the news they only found five firemen.  My mom, dad and I are very upset.

By: Jennifer

Last week people got injured from terrorists who knocked down the Twin Towers.  Now other people have hope for the people to be alive who were still in the buildings.  Americans stand tall together with pride and are united to stop terrorism.   Kids and parents eyes are filled with tears from uncles, aunts, cousins and other relatives who died.  This could mean war!  God bless, America!

By: Tara

The Twin Towers in NYC collapsed because two airplanes crashed into them on purpose.  If they tried again we would have to fight.  But, we are a brave country and we will stop them.  Lots of people died.  The bad guys do not like our country.  We just have to have hope.  I love our country.

By: Emma V.

Hijacked plane crashes into the North Tower

I am very sad about what happened and I am sad that people died.  My cousin's aunt was in the Twin Towers.  I feel very sad.

By: James

I feel bad about what happened.  The plane crashed into the Twin Towers.  I was sad.  There were a lot of bad guys there.  A lot of people died from the plane crash.  My mom and grandma's friend is a policeman.  He is helping all the people.  I hope people are all right.

By: Melanie

Vigils are held around the country


Last week the Twin Towers fell.  Two planes crashed into the Twin Towers.  I felt bad for the people who got hurt.   The bad guys tried to hurt other people.  My dad is a firefighter.  My dad is all right, but my dad lost his partner.  His boss was missing, but he was found.  I felt bad.  My dad is taking  down the fire.  I am proud of my dad because he  is brave.  I hate the guys who crashed into the Twin Towers.  It was my favorite building.

By: Brian

Last Tuesday the Twin Towers fell down.  People were on the plane when this happened.  All the people died when it crashed into the building.  It was awful.  People felt so sad all around the world.

By: Joseph


Last Tuesday I felt bad because the Twin Towers fell down .  Some of my cousin's were in the Twin Towers, but they are okay.  A lot of people died.  I am sad for the people who died.  Some firemen died, too.  Planes crashed.  My cousin, Marky, sat on the roof next to the Twin Towers and watched the planes crash.  I care about all the people that died.

By: Emma K.

Last week something bad happened to the Twin Towers.  They fell down.  A lot of people lost loved ones.  I was sad for the people. The men were not good men.  People were very, very sad.  It was a bad day. When the Twin Towers feel down I cried a lot.  It was a very sad day and a bad day.  A lot of people were mad and sad and a lot of people cried.

By: Cash

I am sad the two airplanes crashed into the Twin Towers.  It killed a lot of people like mommies and daddies, brothers and sisters.  My brother is sad, too.

By: Michael

Last week the Twin Towers exploded.  Now everything is dust!  I sure would hate to be there.  I really would like to see an instant replay of what happened.  This means war.

By: Chris

A second plane crashes into the south tower

Last  week in NYC two planes crashed into the twin Towers.  I feel scared about the accident because my uncle worked next door to them.  He had to walk home from NYC because all the trains were closed.

By: Timothy


We are under attack!  I was very scared.  I didn't want to hear airplanes.  My  dad and mom said there was nothing to be scared of.  I said okay, but I didn't say that  inside of me.  I feel very scared now and I don't feel safe anymore.  I really feel sad for people who went in there.  They told my dad they needed Gatorade.  So my dad donated some.  

By: Laura

New Yorkers in Shocked

America is in big trouble.  This is not a game.  Kids haven't any parents because they are gone.  A boy that was talking to his dad on the telephone was killed when the planes crashed.  They're all innocent. Many people who had friends died.  They didn't just kill the people that were there, they killed around the world.  It is very sad.  Now people are gathering to be in a war so they can fight.  It is scary.  There are firefighters and policemen  out there who are saving people.  The bad guys don't like how we live.  It's scary--what is happening out there.  

By: Kayleigh

I am sad because the bad guys are destroying New York.  Lots of people are injured and the buildings are collapsing.  Lots of people are lost and dying.

By: Oscar

The north tower collapses merely 20 minutes later

Last week something happened very bad.  Planes crashed into the Twin Towers and a lot of people died.  The people that did it  are bad guys.  It was very scary.  I hate the bad guys because they are mean.  Flags are everywhere because of that accident.  I love the world.  I hope the people feel better.  God bless, America!

By: Brandi

Last week the Twin Towers got hit by a plane and some people got hurt, died and had to go to the hospital.  Some kids lost their mom's and dad's.  The Twin Towers collapsed and people were in the building.  I felt sad.

By: Taylor



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 All around the world people are grieving for the USA and feeling our pain.  Here are some pictures sent to me by Tony Segelski, a retired History Teacher,  from  PMHS.  These were actually sent to him by a former student. I thank them both for sharing!





In remembrance of Tuesday, September 11, 2001


For more pictures of the Tragedy  you may go to this site.  These  pictures were taken from an apartment across the street. 


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