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Tooter4Kids - WTC Tragedy

October 7, 2001 ~ July 22, 2002

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Deanne Morton   22/Jul/2002:12:15:23
This is absolutely wonderful - how the children have become very strong
through this tragedy. They are our future and we all need to be strong
Stacy 20/Jul/2002:16:43:57

Thank you for sharing your website with me.

It really moved me and gave me chills. Positive of course,
reminding me and others what happened 09-11.

The words of the children are so important. It is really good
to hear how they feel about a tragedy like this one.

I have 2 small children that are too little to understand
what happened 09-11.

The pictures were moving and sent chills up my spine!
Especially the one of your school forming a flag in tribute to
what happened and the tears from the bald eagle. Very chilling!
And teary

This is one day we will NEVER forget!

Your students should be proud what they have shared about their
feelings about 09-11.

Best wishes to you and your class!

I linked this site to my site.

Stacy Perez
Sylvia Ellison Dr. M.L.King, Jr. Elem School for Scince -&- Technol 18/Jul/2002:22:54:56
Your tribute to America is so touching and beautiful. On September 11,
I was aboard a plane attempting to leave San Diego's Airport but our
flight was grounded and like myself, many of the passengers did not
know why. It was not until we were back inside the terminal that we
found out what had happened. My children were afraid, people were
trampling one another trying to get out of the airport and we lost our
luggage. We were stuck in San Diego for a week before the airlines made
arrangements for us to fly home. However, my ordeal does not compare to
what happened to the victims in New York or D.C. I am glad you have
allowed your students to express themselves in such a beautiful way. I
plan to share this site with my students and hopefully we will be able
to create a moving tribute also. Thanks for inspiring us in New Orleans!
Karen   17/Jul/2002:22:45:25
Thank you. These are the images that I remember after being in N.Y.C.
at that time. However the words I felt are now expressed from the
cami zien   14/Jul/2002:15:45:36
your work has insprired my husband and I. thank you very much for
reaching out to eveyone
Naira Tewfik   13/Jul/2002:21:26:38
Dear Susan,
The more I read The more I am impressed, what touched me this week was
a thank you email from a person who read your site, and I am still
determined to have our children come closer, both continents can be one
happy place for them through the internet. God Bless you and your
students and may they learn to love, forgive and become wonderful,
tolerant and happy adults.
Naira - Cairo - Egypt
Richard -&- Sandy POW-MIA HERO's 08/Jul/2002:16:38:09
Such a wonderful site we understand the hurt -&- agony since we lost 2
friends at the WTC -&- 1 at the Pentagon.
This truly honors them -&- the pictures speak volumes.....thank you for
Cash   01/Jun/2002:23:08:36
Hi, this is Cash one of the the kids that did this with you. I love
your website.

Elad   19/May/2002:09:34:08
I am a Soldier in the Israeli Defence Forces. Im 21 Yrs Old.
and I Wanna Say That This Site Really Touch My Heart.
I've Allways Admaire America and Now Even More.
Its Kinda Hard For Me To Express my Feeling in Englis and
Im Sorry for Any Spelling Mistakes, But I Just Wanna Say To All
U Americans Out There, We Love You, Care For You and Allways Be
Here For You. From Your Freind In Middle East ISRAEL.

I'll Hope To Hear From You, Elad.

God Bless America.
Steve   09/May/2002:22:27:06
I sat here with my two year old son in my arms and read every passage
from the children and it suddenly came to me that many children do not
have the luxury of holding their mothers and fathers anymore. I passed
the site along to my wife who is a third grade teacher here in
Virginia. Thank you. God Bless America.
Eldon Adkisson   17/Apr/2002:21:51:35
Bonnie   08/Apr/2002:17:24:57
Thanx......... Love the photos with the Statue of Liberty in them.
Justin   23/Mar/2002:03:08:57
God Bless America and all of our people that are fighting in the war
against terror. GOD BLESS AMERICA
Wolfe faimly   16/Mar/2002:22:54:43
It's been six months since this has happened and people seem to forget
how tragic it was and when they have ill thought's they need to look
back at this and remember what it was like and to keep the faith not
just for a day or a week or when you feel like looking back into the
past but keep it forever. "Remember love thy neighbor", and always put
God first.

Maria   02/Mar/2002:19:36:42
This page and the pictures that follow bring me back to reality
everytime I get a little selfish or forgot how an instant can change
everyones life forever. I know it has changed mine and I look at each
new day in a different light and pray for the surviors and their
families that they find peace.
Nicole Gentzel   19/Feb/2002:01:33:39
This was incredible, especially that it came from 2nd graders, they put
into words what is felt in the hearts of so many, it made me cry.
LIZ GILLILAND   02/Feb/2002:17:07:27
Star   30/Jan/2002:06:48:52
Your class did a good job, and I enjoyed the music and the pictures.
Keep on writing, and encourage the kids to write, even in a dairy or a
notebook. I am a writer, I have published 10 of my poems in the college
I attend. And I am working on getting a Teaching degreee working with
children With handicaps. And for the second grade teacher u also did a
great job setting up the web page. GOOD JOB!! Loved viewing the Site.
I am sending u this: it is a prayer that I say very often since the
Ruby Lavender   28/Jan/2002:00:20:31
I have come several times to this page and am deeply moved each time I
return. It is extremely well done.
Joni Lattin   27/Jan/2002:22:22:14
Wow!!! This was very thought provoking. Thank you for sharing these.
Zeke -&- Sam's Mom   07/Jan/2002:03:35:15
Wonderful insights! We very much enjoyed reading your thoughts on the
tragedy. This is not an easy subject to talk about with younger people
but this was very well done. Thank you.
Murko   31/Dec/2001:17:31:42 feel very.... very sad.....sad and angry. I want to
destroy everybody that does things like this. :(
Naira Tewfik none 05/Dec/2001:20:10:41
I loved reading your 2nd graders writings but as an Egyptian and a
teacher, my students were also very affected by what happened in
September, they all got together and said a prayer for those who died,
they also feel that it was not right and had sad feelings, my aim is to
teach them tolerance and good feelings for every race with no exception
but they see the news and read the papers and feel bad, but if all of
us as educators all over the world put our hands to gether we can make
this world a better place for our students and tech them to love each
other while also teaching them that not all people are bad, only a
minority, they must have hope and optimism drilled into them so they
can grow to be fair , happy grown-ups, am I wrong, can we brainstorm
each other to find a solution?
Lori Blair   12/Nov/2001:20:03:01
Dear Children,

You did an excellent job of telling people what was in your hearts!
Sometimes grownups don't always listen to children but something tells
me this time they did! You all wrote so well and you should be proud
of yourselves, your classmates and your teachers.

I went to school at Eagle Elementary and graduated from PMHS and every
once in a blue moon I come stumbling back to the alumni/faculty page to
touch base. This was a lovely way to spend a few moments.

Thank you children! Don't lose your voices or your hearts as the years

God Bless The United States of America. Go NAVY!

Lori Blair
Maureen (Diamond) Gr   07/Nov/2001:06:20:14
To the children, I stumbled across this page while looking for the PMHS
site and was amazed at how in touch all the children are with their
feelings. The teachers, as well as the parents, have done a wonderful
job with them by encouraging them to relate their feelings and put them
into words. I was a River Ave. elementary student and a S.Ocean Jr
High student way back when. I am proud to say that I am from the PMHS
school district and I look foward to the day that all these children
are adults, helping us to lead this wonderful nation of ours!!! Keep
up the great work kids!! Teachers and parents--WAY TO GO!!!
Ket Jackson kandw5 07/Nov/2001:01:21:38
I love this site, and what it promotes. As a teacher I want to state
you did a wonderful job. This site is also inspirational, and a great
healing experince for children.
Becky   30/Oct/2001:01:12:13
As an aspiring teacher and Canaan alumni, I have to say thank you.

Kids, your thoughts were so powerful. Although they brought tears to
my eyes they also gave me so much hope in our future. You should be
very proud of yourselves.

To Mrs. Stein, you have done an amazing job. Even during this terrible
time you have brought out the best in you students and helped them
through it. We need more teachers like you!
Susana   28/Oct/2001:22:22:50
Dear Mrs. Stein and Children,
I have read the letters from the class over and over again. Every time
I read them I am so touched by their sensitivity. There are times that
I even find it difficult to express my feelings about this horrible
Thank you for sending all these beautiful letters from the children
because often through their hearts, eyes and thoughts we all become
inspired and continue to search for a better future for them our
children are our America.
You are a Godsent and at a time like this you are a great support to us
With all my love and best wishes to you and children.
Susana and Joseph (NYC Firefighter)
Michelle Tully   26/Oct/2001:11:40:14
What courage our children of today have even though they are our most
inner thoughts of what this world will be like when they grow up. We
are afraid of that and pray that it will all go back to normal. But
normal is not the same any longer and won't be. My prayers, love and
thoughts go out to all of those strong men and women who are fighting
for us and our children. GOD BLESS AMERICA! It is a great country.
We will not be defeated, we will stand strong!!!!!
Ann Mardon   25/Oct/2001:00:50:42
To Mrs. Stein's 2nd graders,
I use to teach first grade in Patchogue-Medford and my daughters Krysta
and Laura went to Canaan Elementary. Krysta had Mrs. Stein in 2nd
grade and she is now in 8th grade in New Jersey. She still keeps in
touch with Mrs. Stein and has kept all of the beautiful pieces she
wrote when she was in her class.
We read your website together and are very proud of how beautifully you
expressed your feelings about the WTC attack and all the people
involved. Thank you for sharing this with us and withso many other
people around the United States and the world.
Mrs. Mardon -&- Krysta
Bruce Bowersox   24/Oct/2001:02:13:39
thanks so much for working with the kids to resolve their issues. I am
a Scoutmaster and youth group advisor and I appreciate others who take
the time to work with children.
Cassie Rickard   22/Oct/2001:22:39:15
I think this was a bad thing too. But keep your heads high and think of
the good things. We can and will make it through this time. I am
always thinking of the people who lost loved ones. I lost a friend so I
know it must be worse for some of you. I'll keep you in my prayers.
Love always. Cassie
Irene   21/Oct/2001:15:12:58
Heart warming but sad. From the mouth of babes.
evon   20/Oct/2001:11:07:27
you all did a nice job. enjoyed very much
PAM KAPITZ   19/Oct/2001:19:57:21
RC   18/Oct/2001:15:53:27
Mrs Stein and class,
You've all done such a wonderful job. Thank you for sharing your work
and feelings. I hope we can all start the healing process. My own
children are too young to really know what's going on. I only wish we
could have protected all the children from all this pain and
Peggy Felouzis   18/Oct/2001:00:21:01
Thank you so much for sharing your writings. They were so wonderful.
The children were able to express the feelings of so many . Ms. Stein,
Patchogue-Medford is truely grateful to you . You are a wonderful
Addie Lea   15/Oct/2001:12:42:26
You did a wonderful job. You should all be very proud.
Val Rohweder   14/Oct/2001:02:36:10
Very nice. Our American spirit and pride is even reflected in second
Brenda Cox   14/Oct/2001:00:21:49
This website was awesome! You should all be very proud. You showed
great American spirit. I will be praying for all of you. God Bless You
Lynda Davis   13/Oct/2001:20:33:42

You all did a wonderful job! Children have a way of getting to the heart of things. It was beautiful.
Debby Radio   13/Oct/2001:18:56:02
You all did a wonderful job of paying tribute to our country and all
the people who died and worked so hard to try to find and rescue others.
Be very proud!
Judy Bennett   13/Oct/2001:17:53:34
Dear Mrs. Stein and Class,
Your tribute to the WTC Tragedy was awesome. You did a wonderful job
and should be very proud. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.
God Bless you all.
Judy Bennett
Retired Canaan Teacher

Shelley Tolson   13/Oct/2001:16:18:52
It is amazing that 6 -&- 7 year old children can sum up the feelings of
adults! This is a beautiful website and you should be very proud of these
precious little ones. Please tell them they should also be very proud of
themselves! God bless America!!!
Ellen Madsen   12/Oct/2001:02:58:46
Dear Children: Thank you so much for explaining this terrible day to
me. I needed to see this through your innocent eyes while mine cried.

Holly Ballard   12/Oct/2001:01:40:53
How inspiring these chidren are! I know they will someday make great
leaders! Expresing ones feelings is an extremely healthy healing
process. We should all practice putting our words onto paper.

Dianne Scheuer   12/Oct/2001:00:22:58
Dear Ms. Stein,
I am very touched by your website and the thoughts and feelings of your
class. Especially my neice Laura, Tell my neice I love her and very
proud of her. Her Nana, Uncle Paul and I are looking forward to seeing
her in CA this Thanksgiving.
Keep up the creative learning experience.

Dianne S.
Sharyn Caszatt   11/Oct/2001:15:14:01
As a former teacher, I appreciate how those kid were feeling. I'm sure
it was very good for them to be able to express their feelings like
that. God bless you for caring!
Joseph Grivois   11/Oct/2001:01:35:25
What a wonderful job you children did. You make us all proud to be
Americans. God Bless the children. This was very moving.
diane doughty   10/Oct/2001:21:29:44
outstanding job. no words can express how meaningful that was. god
bless all of you
Glenna Parker   10/Oct/2001:21:18:56
May we always remember the tragedy that has brought us together and may
we never again let anyone come in and separate our peoples. United we
stand as we pray "God Bless America".
Terry   10/Oct/2001:19:23:55
What a beautiful website... and what wonderful, caring children! God
bless us all.
Suzy   10/Oct/2001:16:39:07
Thanks be to God for teachers like you and for the thoughts of the
children. Allowing children to express their feelings is just one way
for them to work through the terrible experience of not only Sept 11
but to prepare them for future troubles and life experiences. I am
proud to say that my oldest son will be a teacher in the next couple of
years and my hope is he too will be lead children as you have done.
Sarah Carlson   10/Oct/2001:15:48:03
I am glad that the little children can understand what is happening
in the world , although it would have been better if this never would
have happened so that they didn't have to learn the true meaning of
"mean" was so young. I am proud of the children and I am also glad they
know that it is oK to cry when you are sad. As the children said in
different words "You can only hurt us skin deep!!!"
GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah Carlson   10/Oct/2001:15:45:55
I am glad that the little children can understand what is happening
in the world , although it would have been better if this never would
have happened so that they didn't have to learn the true meaning of
"mean" was so young. I am proud of the children and I am also glad they
know that it is oK to cry when you are sad. As the children said in
different words "You can only hurt us skin deep!!!"
GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Susan Gienau   09/Oct/2001:23:29:39
I was very moved when I read the children's thoughts about the WTC
tragedy.I love them all. I thank you for the wonderful job you are
doing with the children. God Bless....
Susan M. Gienau
Carole Richman   09/Oct/2001:20:31:26
We here in North Dakota are so far but yet all know someone
touched by your tragedy. Your pictures were haunting, your
messages touching and thank you for sharing for it is through
sharing that we all heal.
Bob Onstad   09/Oct/2001:20:23:15
I am a P.E. teacher in a Fargo North Dakota elementary school
We are all touched by the sadness that happended to your city.
Remember Good always wins over evil ! God bless the United
Elaine Passey   09/Oct/2001:19:04:29
I was so sad to read your stories but so glad hear the way you are
expressing your feelings about what happened on Sept. 11th.
In Nova Scotia, Canada, we too cried and were very sad about what
happened to you and to all of us. But I am glad that together, we can
help one another and learn how much we mean to each other. I am
thankful that we are neighbours, and friends. Your friend, Elaine
JoAnn 09/Oct/2001:17:59:32
Very enjoyable reading. Great web page. Keep up the good work.
Patti Bender   09/Oct/2001:14:43:56
Pathogue Medford, NY second grade students

Your students did a great job! Thank you all for sharing in your ideas
about the "bad" people. We will root out the bad guys and stop them
before they do this ever again.

Keep up the good work because you children are our future and you make
it brighter for us every day.

Thank you very much.
Patti Bender, Shirley NY
Janelle Schumacher   09/Oct/2001:12:50:37
What a wonderful tribute to the Americans who died. Awesome!!
Carol A. Aubery   09/Oct/2001:12:22:52
I have just finished reading this web site and can't stop crying. I am
a former resident of Caanan Lake. My sister and brother went to the
elem. school I was already in High School. My sisters child now goes
there for summer camp also. It was so beautiful reading the childrens
thoughts on the subject. You could feel their heart felt feelings as
you read their stories. Thank you for this site and God Bless America
Stacy Miller   09/Oct/2001:09:43:45
I am studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain right now and for all of us
Americans in foreign countries it is hard to cope with what has
happend. Especially since we are not there, in our own country
directly supporting and getting direct support from our family and
friends. Itīs really nice to read what children are saying about the
occurence, it helps to portray the sentiments of the American people
right now since I personally canīt be there to see it. What a great
topic to have had your students write about Susan, thank you!!
Diane   09/Oct/2001:04:48:56
I just finished reading your web page and blowing my nose! You all did a terrific job. I live in Florida now, but I'm proud to be a Patchogue-Medford alumni! I lived in Canaan Lake and was always sorry I never got to go to school there because it opened the year I started middle school. But my brother and later my son went to Canaan and both got a great start there.
You have made us all very proud to be New Yorkers and Americans! God Bless You.
Kathleen   09/Oct/2001:03:46:24
I just finished reading your web page on the Twin Towers. I am so
proud of this class that my heart can just burst with pride!
God Bless America and God Bless all of you and us.
Robert A. Skinner, S   09/Oct/2001:03:46:14
Hi Susan;
I just wanted to let you and your students know that our hearts
and prayers are with all of you in NEW YORK. I very much enjoyed your
web site and all of your students did a very heart felt job in their
letters. Prayer from LOS LUNAS, NEW MEXICO.
Love to all,
Bob and Pauline Skinner
James -&- Benson Krame   09/Oct/2001:03:07:03
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!
Teri Atkins   08/Oct/2001:17:24:00
Thank you for sharing. The children in your class expressed the
feelings of all of us. God bless you and your class.

Loyd or Gayla King   08/Oct/2001:17:21:14
God bless you and your little ones.
Angela West   08/Oct/2001:17:16:10
Hi Susan,
I just took a look at your site for the Twin Towers Disaster.
I was incredibly touched and found it very powerful.
I sent the link to everyone I know. Thank you.
Angela West (Grade 2 teacher in Nova Scotia, Canada)
Kathy   08/Oct/2001:17:14:07
Susan............. I am VERY IMPRESSED with your web site and I hope
everyone does VIEW it as it puts in perspective, up close and personal,
what you people in NY have been through....... We have no idea what it
has been like..Your kids did an excellent job in writing... wow!!!!!!
My kids could not write like that..Thank you for sharing....kathy
Sherri McWhorter   08/Oct/2001:17:12:06
Your page and your students are absolutely amazing.
I have sent your page address to everyone I know.
Nancy Creech   08/Oct/2001:17:10:06
My name is Mrs. Nancy Creech. I teach a multiage class in Roseville,
Michigan, which is a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. I just wanted to tell
you how much I enjoyed your writing about the World Trade Center
disaster. You are terrific writers. Keep up the good work!

Nancy Creech
Anthony Segelski   08/Oct/2001:17:07:52

You brought a tear to both of our eyes! I'm going to recommend your
website to PMRE members in my address book. Susan sends her love.

Whenever you decide to retire, I've got a job for you. I edit two of
our retiree newsletters but I want to set up a PMRE website. I could
use all the help you can give.

Carpe Diem!
Mary   08/Oct/2001:17:06:06
Dear Susan,
I have already e-mailed your students about your web site. Thank
you for sharing it with all of us. You are so creative. The writing of
your second graders was exceptional. I will show your students' work to
my second graders on Monday.
Adrienne Mavragis   08/Oct/2001:17:03:54
Dear Mrs. Stein's Class,

I think you did a great job in expressing your feelings about our
May all Americans stick together at this time! God Bless America!

Mrs. Adrienne Mavragis
I used to teach at Canaan--please e-mail me at:
[email protected]

Debbie šoš   08/Oct/2001:17:00:27
Dear Boys and Girls in Grade Two,

I just looked at your work on the World Trade Center tragedy. Your
words are very descriptive and full of feeling. You have helped me to
understand what it must be like to be in grade two and to have
experienced such an unbelievable event close up. Please know that
thoughts, prayers and, yes, tears have been shed all over the world for
those affected by this event. Thank you for sharing your work!

Hugs to each of you from Canada,
Mrs. Rastin

Susan, thanks for posting your site. I have bookmarked it! *Someday*
I hope to have a site like yours! Awesome. BTW, we're doing the same
apple project. :D

Debbie šoš
Grade 2/3
Ontario, Canada

Duane Isenberg   08/Oct/2001:16:56:31
What a moving site. Thank you for sharing. I will place it on my site
for my parents to go to with their children. I teach second grade in
upstate New York. Two days after the tragedy one of my students asked if
we could do a money drive. We just finished on Friday and our class
alone raised $231 to donate to the Red Cross.
Pam Elliott 08/Oct/2001:16:53:52
Wow! I'm so glad you gave your students the outlet of writing. They
have a lot of feelings about this and it's good to help give them a
voice. They did a great job with their pieces. You all deserve a hand
and thank you for sharing.
Lynn Mellis   08/Oct/2001:16:50:32
I went to your site and was very moved. The music left me floundering
in my own tears. How do we explain this evil in our world to our
children? What kind of world are they inheriting? My prayers to
everyone impacted in this horrid horrid needless tragedy. My prayers to
your children who were obviously profoundly affected.

[email protected]
John Sexton   08/Oct/2001:16:45:21
I'm typing with tears dropping from my eyes. The sentiments expressed
by the 2d graders are beautiful, haunting, thought provoking, moving,
true, and...inspirational. My congratulations, and as a former
educator thanks, for helping them, and all who view and read this site,
to a deeper appreciation and joy in our youth.

God bless each and every one of you.

Retired P-M Educator
Carly Weinstein   08/Oct/2001:16:39:54
I think it is a wonderful tribute and I think your students did an
excellent job!!!!!

1st gr. teacher

Lianne Neima   08/Oct/2001:16:37:03

I read your tribute to the people who died in the horrible act that
destroyed the WTC. I live in Winnipeg, in Manitoba, in Canada. All
the people in this city also watched and cried at the very sad things
that happened. I work for a abnk and we had a lot of people who worked
in the Liberty One Building. We were afraid for them, but they're OK.
My family and I have been praying for all the people who lost loved
ones and family.

I think your page is very special, and I want to thank you all for all
the hard work you put into it. It is excellent. You're all very

Thanks from Canada

Lianne Neima
DRB   08/Oct/2001:16:34:10
Colleen -&- Randy Belt WTC Tradedy 08/Oct/2001:01:52:22
Dear children, your words made me as well as alot of other people
understand what a child may think or feel about such a tragedy. My son
is 9yrs. old and we were sitting at the table when we saw the disaster
unfold, he asks many questions in regards to such a tragedy and I do
the best to answer him as to not to scare him. Your words have helped
in this. It's a time like this where we all pull together as a nation
and we will not let these bad men defeat us or bring down our PRIDE AS
AMERICANS. You will all grow up to be stronger and better for you know
what it is to be an AMERICAN. LAND OF THE FREE and HOME OF THE BRAVE.\

Rob -&- Les   07/Oct/2001:22:39:02
Here in the U.K. we have familys over there in N.Y. and they are ok ,
But our hearts go out to the familys and colleagues for those who are
missing and lost!
Linda Reed   07/Oct/2001:21:08:45
Dear second graders,
We are in the third grade at Edison Elementary School in Willoughby,
Ohio. Willoughby is near Cleveland. We are so sad about the tragedy
in New York. Our teacher lived in New York City when she was a child
and her sister still lives in Manhatten. She told us all about the
city and read a book about New York called "My New York". It made us
feel better to talk about all the great things that are still in New
York and it helped to talk about how sad we feel, too. Your website is
wonderful. We want you to know that kids all over America are thinking
about New York. We want you to know we are thinking about you and the
wonderful letters you wrote. Mrs. Reed said they brought a tear to her
eye, but a smile to her heart to see young people express their
feelings so well.
Your friends in Ohio.
Mrs. Reed's third graders
Smiths   07/Oct/2001:19:15:05
Bless Your Heart. Here I sit in South Carolina overwhelmed with your
magnificent email I received from my Teacher-daughter in Georgia.
THANK YOU so much for all the effort you gave to get all this
assembled. We will keep you and all your school in our prayers.
Granny Smith, Rock Hill SC Oct.1
Nancy Jordheim   07/Oct/2001:19:12:31
My name is Nancy Jordheim. I am the Assistant Superintendent for
Resources at Fargo Public Schools in Fargo, North Dakota. I am
your beautiful messages on to all of the buildings in my district. You
have created a tribute to all those that have lost their lives, but also
to the strength of those that have and will survive.

I am proud of you - each and everyone of you - together we will continue
toward freedom and security and we will be a strong country.

Hugs to you all. Nancy

Cindy Johnson   07/Oct/2001:19:06:35
Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us around the United
States. It was a terrible thing that happened in New York city on
September 11th. Everywhere around the United States people were worried
and concerned about all of those who were in and around the World Trade
Center. I have two exchange students living with me this year, one from
Sweden and one from Germany. Their parents have written many times about
how sad the people in those countries are for the people that were
in New York. No one can understand how people could be so cruel. It is
nice to know that we live in a country that will stay united and will
together to end terrorism throughout the world. Your letters and
moved me to continue to do whatever I can to help those involved in New
York. Thank you for sharing your pictures and thoughts with me.

Cindy Johnson
Moorhead, Minnesota Oct. 1

Nancy Tisor   07/Oct/2001:19:04:17
Good morning 2nd graders and your teacher. Thank you so much for
your thoughts and feelings about what happened on September 11th. I am
elementary school counselor in Fargo, North Dakota and I know how our
students have been impacted, so I can only imagine what all of you must
feeling. I know that you are surrounded by many people who care for all
of you and there are also many of us all over the world who you don't
know who care also. So, our thoughts and prayers are with all of you as
you continue in your school year. What an awesome site!

Nancy Tisor, School Counselor
Lincoln Elementary 446 - 4909 Oct. 1

Courage does not always roar.
Sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end
of the day saying, " I will try again tomorrow."

Mrs. Weisman   07/Oct/2001:19:01:57
Dear Girls and Boys,

My name is Mrs. Weisman. I used to be a 2nd Grade teacher at Bay
School for many years, until this past June when I retired. A friend
of mine
told me about your website.

I was very impressed by how you described your feelings about the WTC
tragedy. You showed a lot of goodness in your heart. Your website is

It's important that you know things that are going on in our world. You
should read as many different books and articles about the world as you
You will also realize that even though America isn't perfect, it's the
country in the world. You should be proud to be an American and try
very best to be good citizens every day.

Keep up the good work!!

Mrs. Weisman Oct. 1

Claire Bartram   07/Oct/2001:18:59:02
I had to turn the music off as it made me so sad that I cried as I read
and saw all those awful pictures again. The children have done
something wonderful and for them to think this way makes me weep to
think they should have had to suffer so under that awful attack. I live
in England and am British, but I cannot tell you how all that happened
upset me. Thankyou for the way those children have expressed
themselves.They are the America for tomorrow.
Claire Oct. 2

Mrs. H   07/Oct/2001:18:56:10
I am crying as I am writing this to you. To see my childs name on there
her feelings written so others can see, made me have many emotions. You
children are smarter then we are and braver in the heart then us
adults. Such
young souls to feel and exspress such feelings is amazing and honoring.
see that parents take the time to treat these little people as just
people, and to me it shows that the parents had an open communication
there children, about this sorrowful time of human tragedy. I think
this is
the greatest site you have yet, now to do this around the world with
children. You are a great ray of light Mrs. Stein to do such a thing
with our
children. Blessings to you and all you do. The world needs more Mrs.
Mrs. Herrera
PS Now All We Need Is Love and to teach our children not to fear for
right to be FREE... Freedom of life--- religion, sexuality, race,
status..Lets teach them that we are free to be diffr
Yvonne Peil   07/Oct/2001:18:54:01
I am a 6th grade teacher in Belleville, Kansas. It is close to the
Nebraska/Kansas border. We are so saddened by the tragic event. I have
never seen the Towers so I can't fully understand the devastation
compared to someone who has. I feel the anger and pain that has been
brought on but I can't say that I truly understand the disaster. It
means more when it hits closer to home, I guess. We would like to do
something for the rescue workers or for someone there. I have a great
cookie place that is my all-time favorite. I thought my class could
send several dozen of cookies to anybody that would need them. I don't
know exactly what is taking place they need food? could we
do something else?
We want to do something. Could you help us? If I send the cookies
could we send them to you or who would we send them to so they would
reach the people that would enjoy them.
It is so hard for us to do anything...we feel so helpless at this time.
Please know that everyone is New York
BGSwayman   07/Oct/2001:18:51:30
After weeks of grieving over the tragedy at the WTC - checking on
friends and
loved ones who were in the area - I returned to reading my email.... and
found that someone had forwarded your website to me.

At first I thought I would just take a quick glance - and then delete
it. All
of America has been saturated with pictures and reports ---- but I read
and every writer's words.... and I want to thank you for creating this

If there is any good to come from this horrible, senseless act of
it will be the hope, the faith and the love of country that will shine
through even the darkest of days.....

Each of those who died in these terrible acts are truly heroes.... make
your role models... the normal, everyday people going about their
lives -
working hard to make this wonderful country grow and become stronger and
stronger. Learn that hate in any form is wrong - especially when acted
Learn to always tell those you love how important they are to
Amy   07/Oct/2001:18:49:00
WOW! That is wonderful! I aplan to share with other teachers I know!
You should be proud of the work your class did. Amy in GA (Oct.3)
Carroll Deck   07/Oct/2001:18:45:43
I am a preschool teacher in Oklahoma and just want to tell you I think
this is an awesome thing that ya'll have done. It is the best thing I
have seen on helping the children cope with the tragedy. You should be
very proud of your students!
Ms. Deck
Regina Cohn   07/Oct/2001:18:43:21
Dear Sue,
Mike Ventura shared this web site with me. Thank you for creating
such powerful work.
Regina Cohn
Laurie Lewis   07/Oct/2001:18:41:07
We are crying down here in the Technology Office! What a beautiful
tribute! Your school site is excellent!

Laurie Lewis

Howard Cohen   07/Oct/2001:18:37:28
Dear Students of Mrs. Stein:
I just read your writings about the World Trade Center tragedy. Your
compositions were well written and expressed the emotions of many
Americans young and old. By separating each composition with a
meaningful picture you helped the readers to better feel the enormous
scope of this tragedy. I thank you for sharing your thoughts and
congratulate you the high level of your work.
Sincerely yours ...Howard R. Cohen, Director of Music, Art, and Cultural
Tricia McDaid   07/Oct/2001:18:34:49
Mrs. Stein,
Once again your talent as a teacher amazes me. Wonderful job in
bringing students feelings into creativity, and your talent continues
to shine.
You make Patchogue-Medford shine!
Kathy Emmerich   07/Oct/2001:18:34:49
Dear Students in Mrs. Stein's class,
Thank you so much for your stories about the WTC tragedy. I read them
this morning as I began the day at South Ocean Middle School. All of you
are fine writers and loving, caring citizens as well.
My five children attended Canaan Elementary School but my daughter,
Kristin, was taught by your teacher, Mrs Stein, about 20 years
ago.Canaan is an excellent school and I can tell that all of you are
busy readers and writers. You are fortunate to have a good teacher as
well. Keep up your good deeds and I will look for more of your stories
on the web site in the future. The photos were very emotional as well!
Thank you. Kathy Emmerich
Dale Lammi   07/Oct/2001:18:31:48
Hi. I teach in a middle school in Fargo, North Dakota, and live across
the Red River of the North in Moorhead, Minnesota. You might think
that being so far away that we would not really feel the tragedy that
you have all gone through. Well, one family lost a son who was working
in one of the towers, and another family lost an only child, who was a
flight attendant on one of the planes that was hijacked. It brought
the chaos of September 11th very close to our home.

Thank you for all of your letters. One of my students said, "We will
all learn from this that we have to all get along, no matter what the
cost." Thank you for being the great Americans that you are. Never
lose faith!

Keep smiling, your smiles will inspire others to smile, too!

Dale Lammi
Agassiz Middle School
Fargo, North Dakota
Sarah Liebman   07/Oct/2001:18:29:49
Dear Friends:

I am a retired teacher, but until this year I taught 1st and 2nd
in Frankfort, Kentucky. I want to say to you that I think your
writings are
terrific. You each worked hard to give many details and to express your
feelings. Thank you so much for sharing these letters with other
Your teacher did a super job of creating the website for lots of other
in our country to visit.
I hope you will continue to think of all the people who have had
to do with these horrible attacks and to hope that peace will soon be a
of the whole world.

Sarah Liebman

Jennie   07/Oct/2001:18:27:27
I'm a 15 year old sophomore at a high school in Frankfort, Ketntucky.
Your class of second graders poems are wonderful. Their poems were so
touching. To think that kids that are 7 can express themselves like
that is great. I am proud of them for still having faith in the USA! I
hope all of the children in your class are ok and so are all of their
parents, relatives and friends. What a great teacher you are to spend
your time putting these things on the internet for the entire world to
see. Good luck to your second graders this year and Bravo! as a
teacher. My mom teaches fourth grade and I know how hard it is.
You're doing great. You may share this with your class if you'd like.
Write back if you want.
Good Bless and have a good Friday!
DIANA L. BALLENTINE   07/Oct/2001:18:24:18
My class was very impressed with the wonderful tribute to the September
tragedy. Your class did a superb job in expressing the thoughts and
feelings of so many children in our country. Even though we are so far
from the physical site, we have also been very deeply touched, shocked
frightened by these horrific acts of terror.

Some of my third graders wanted to respond to your second grade
and express their own feelings. We all must band together now more than
ever to keep our country alive and well!

Mrs. Diana Ballentine

Dear 2nd Graders, I'm very sorry too. They did a very awful thing to
New York. The Twin Towers fell down. That was an awful thing to do.
uncle lives there, but he is all right.

By: Hannah

I feel sad for all the people that died in the plane accident. I hope
people that caused the planes to crash would go to jail for about 40
months. Me and my mom are sending cards.

By: Kasey

When the planes crashed into the Twi
Mrs. S   07/Oct/2001:18:21:44
A teacher friend got your website and then sent it to me. I was a
third grade teacher. I really enjoyed reading the stories that were
written by the students. I am glad that you could share this website
with me and others. I also am glad that the children can write down
their feelings about the tragedy, seems talking and writing are two
good ways to help us cope with such mind-boggling devastation and
Keep believing in freedom and America.
Thank you. Mrs. S
Dorothy Gienau   07/Oct/2001:18:19:15
Dear Mrs Stein,
Jennifer's Nanny would like to say that she was very
impressed with the way her class expressed their feelings about the
I know their teacher and parents are very proud of them.
Keep up the good work.
You are doing a wonderful job Mrs Stein!!!
Thank you
God Bless America
Dorothy Gienau

Sandra   07/Oct/2001:18:15:45
Thanks for your reflections and the pictures..

God is Sovreign. Evil will not prevail!

Dave Reese   07/Oct/2001:18:10:50
Thank you so much for your effort and inspiration. It is beautiful!
God bless you and your students.

Dave Reese
65 W. Lakewood St.
Patchogue, NY 11772
[email protected]

Marie   07/Oct/2001:18:08:38
Dear Mrs. Stein

My family and I just watched this website together. We have never seen
such a great job done like this. Thank you for adding this onto the
Patchogue Medford school webpage. You all did a FANTASTIC job. Love
to all!!!!!

The Essig Family
Zita Hamann   07/Oct/2001:18:07:27
Your students did a wonderful job of saying what all the rest of us were
feeling. Tell them for me that I think they are wonderful writers.
all were able to put into words what was in their hearts. That's a
they should be proud of.
My prayers are with you all.

(I've been a teacher for almost 25 years and I never thought we would
to cope with this kind of tragedy. You must have handled it in a very
caring and professional manner if your students were able to express
themselves like this. Give yourself a pat on the back.)

Ken, Sally -&- David   07/Oct/2001:18:05:14
Your site made me cry--and feel proud that I am an American. Children,
your response to this horrible tragedy was so tender, so touching.
Keep your prayers coming and remember that people are basically good,
but evil is here and we must be ever vigilant.

God Bless America!

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