Themes On Line                                                                           Month to Month Activities
Places Science
China Magnets
Egypt The Human Body  ~Written by Class of 2002-2003.
Hawaii Color and Light
Japan Space
Mexico Weather
Desert  Oceans
The Rain Forest Plants 
  Simple Machines  
  Bubble Making   Lots of link ideas.
Animals and Insects/Bugs Social Studies/Seasonal
Dinosaurs    Christmas in Other Countries     This is not my unit
Bats Autumn
Life Cycle of a Butterfly Apple Theme
Penguins Pumpkins and Halloween
Frogs Thanksgiving (Pilgrims and Indian history)
Owls Winter
Spiders Our Flag~ In Remembrance of 9-11
  Medieval Times  
  100th Anniversary of the Teddy Bear
  Fire Safety
  Friendship ~ Written by Class of 2001-2002
  Earth Day
Literature Units  
 Fairy Tales