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Site Description
ActivityTV This site has everything!  Science, origami, paper airplanes, lego tv, etc.  A must see!
Club Penguin Club Penguin is a kid-friendly virtual world where children can play games, have fun and interact with each other. Thanks to Carly!
Online Spelling Game Great for grades up to sixth
Online Spelling Game Great for young kids grades K-1
Game Goo Online interactive. Learning that sticks.
Online Stories and Resources for Kids Dedicated to children and children's stories
Spellbound Practicing language skills online.
Sequencing a Story How to sequence a story
Children's Story Books Online Illustrated stories for kids of all ages
Hangman Games Interactive games from Room 108

What fun--instant MadLibs for kids. Practice with parts of speech while creating the silliest stories ever! (Parents: the site incorporates a bad-word blocker.)
Printable Crafts for Kids A variety of fun, printable children's crafts, coloring pages and more including projects for holidays, educational themes and some of our children's favorite cartoon characters.
NYS ELA Prep Center Test Prep Center for reading, writing, etc.  Good for any state test
Site for Music The NY Philharmonic Kid- zone
USA Freedom Corps for Kids ~How Kids Make a Difference ~Games, ideas, coloring books
Math4Kids Practice math online.  Great games.
Literacy4Kids Everything is either read to you or interactive. It will help you  learn and find learning enjoyable. Books are read on line.
Writing4Kids Kids, send in your writing and be published online!
Write Me a Story
Write Me a Story is the place where children can try their writing skills, share your imagination, and read fun stories. Each week you will be challenged to write a story using the character, place, and prop provided.
Mrs. Stein's Class Page Second Grade Web Site
Canaan Kids Friendly Links Lots  of fun activities in language, math, science, and much more
Kid Friendly Links Lots  of fun activities in social studies, poetry, fun games, and much more
Keyboarding Practice Practice keyboarding skills by locating the alphabet letters and plugging them correctly into the boxes.
Homework Helpers Lots of stuff to help you including study webs
Favorite Sites for Kids  
Look, Cover, Write and Check~ Game for Kids Spelling game
Another Look, Cover, Write and Check Another spelling game
Online Literature Log Add your literature log online
Math Quiz Java Game Add, subtract, multiply, divide
Magic Squares Put numbers in order
Fun Games: Tic Tac Toe  
Solve Word Puzzles and Play Interactive Games online Interactive Fun Word Games
Favorite Authors  
Math Calculator  
 Play Free Games Many games to play 4 fun! My favorite is Space Hunter!