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The Homework Wizard is designed to be a great place on the Web to help you with research and your homework. They've got one hundred plus sites! ...


Free Translation
Need help with French homework? This site will translate English to French and French to English. Also try out the free online text translator from Transparent Language Co.

The Reading Corner

Merriam Webster
Roget's Thesaurus

Online Encyclopedia
Talking Dictionary

Harry Potter Dictionary

Your Dictionary
Pick an expert and ask your question. Expertise ranges from Spanish to physics to tips for effective note-taking.





B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper


Kid Info


Kids Click! World of Web searching


Ask Dr. Math  

The Math Forum Student Center

Multiplication  Mystery

Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies
A message board connecting students struggling with specific math problems to teachers who can help. (No, they don't do homework for you.)


Rick's Math
This site contains great tips and lessons for learning different math operations and supporting worksheets for practice. There are over 4,750 math problems here for learners pre-kindergarten to high school who need help learning to count, write numbers, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, prime numbers, composite numbers, least common multiples, greatest common factors, fractions and factoring whole numbers.

  Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab

Exploratorium Science Snacks


  Zoom Dinosaurs

Wild Animal Information



 Big Dog's Grammar:  


The Kids on the Web: Homework Tools

  Information Please

The Internet Schoolhouse

Cool Sites for Kids:  Contains a homework helper section


Schoolwork Ugh!

 IPL Youth Division

The Franklin Institute


TR00262A1.gif (1715 bytes) World Almanac for Kids

TR00262A1.gif (1715 bytes) HyperHistory Online

TR00262A1.gif (1715 bytes) Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection 

TR00262A1.gif (1715 bytes)  The Internet Public Library

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Newsday's Long Island History   

             Long Island's Lighthouses 

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