Spelling is super important!

Now that your child is ready for second grade, spelling becomes an important part of the language arts experience. In kindergarten, and first grade your child experimented with "inventive" or "temporary" spelling, and will no longer continue to do that during the second grade.  Your child will  begin to learn  to correctly spell basic sight words. You will soon see your child begin to use some of the spelling words in his/her writing, along with many "practice" spellings. This is the necessary transition that occurs in the writing process; as more words and skills are committed to memory, they begin to replace some of the purely phonetic spellings. That doesn't mean your child will spell every word correctly in second grade, however!! Your child will still continue to use his/her phonics skills to spell unknown words, but will be responsible for using spelling words correctly.

Each Monday, your child will bring home a spelling list for the week, as well as an accompanying assignment that will help him/her learn to spell the new words. Generally, the words will follow a pattern, incorporate a newly-learned spelling skill or be part of a theme that we are studying .  Your child will  have a weekly spelling test on Friday on all of the spelling words.  Your child will usually receive his/her spelling test back that day, and I will simply rewrite any misspellings, in the homework notebook.  All children will be congratulated on his/her effort.  But please  reinforce those words which were missed.  Your child will then have weekend homework.  They will write 10x each word missed.  On Monday I will ask them to orally spell the missed words.

             To help your child study the spelling words, I have  shown them what to do to practice them as they write.  Please encourage your child to show you and make sure they do this each week. Saying the word and then spelling it orally is also good practice.   Looking for small words within larger ones and pointing these out to your child is another good strategy, such as seeing the word "out" in "shout." And don't forget the old-fashioned method of practice - flash cards! For a new twist on the old favorite, click below!
Online Flash Cards!


How to Study Spelling Words

1. Look at the Word.

2. Copy the Word.

3. Say the Word aloud.

4. Spell the Word Aloud.

5. Write the Word.

6. Check the Spelling.



Practice your weekly spelling words using the Sign Language Alphabet!

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