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It seems that everyone has a favorite teddy bear either now or in his or her past.

Maybe it was the furry stuffed friend who helped a little boy brave dark nights in bed as a toddler, going to sleep over grandma's by yourself for the very first time, or just the need of a familiar friend at a lonely time.

Maybe that special teddy is the stuffed Winnie the Pooh bear or Paddington bear, or in my case a Boyd's Bear.  I am a collector of them.  It seems I have always had a bear in my home.  They bring lots of warmth and there is nothing like a huggable bear in times of sadness or happiness!

In fact, two of students from last year (2001-2002) bought me a Build-a-Bear from the mall. They both picked out the shell, had it stuffed and placed two hearts with wishes inside.  It came all dressed and with lots of love.  When I squeeze its paw it says: " We love you, Mrs. Stein!"  Thanks  Laura and Vincent!  I will always cherish my wonderful bear from both of you.  How special.

As the teddy bear turns 100 years old this year, fans of all varieties of the cuddly plush critters will celebrate the centennial of this favorite toy of children and collectible of adults.


I can't believe it's been so long
                                    One hundred years have come and gone
                                But through it all I have stayed true
                            The cuddly bear you always knew!


I bet you never knew how the teddy became so popular!  So boys and on!    




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