Space Worksheet



Find the name of each planet and Sun in the puzzle below.


E     S     A     T     U      R    N     U     V     U     M 

A     J     U      P     I       T     E     R     E     R     A

R     U     P      L     U      T     O     T     N     A     R

T     M     E      R     C      U     R     Y     U     N     S

H      S      T      S      R      A     E     M    S     U     N

T      N       E     P      T       U     N     E    R     S     P    






1.  _________________ is the planet closest to the Sun.

2.  _________________ is the largest planet.

3.  _________________ is the second largest planet.

4.  _________________ is the third planet from the Sun.

5.  __________________ lies between Earth and an asteroid belt.

6.  __________________ is even smaller than Mercury.

7.  __________________ is called Earth's twin because it is about the same size as  Earth.

8.  __________________ is the farthest planet from the Sun.

9.  __________________  has rings and is about the same size as Neptune.


Writing Workshop Idea

You have learned many things about space.  You will be taking a space trip.  Write a story about your journey into space.  What did you see on take-off?  How did it make you feel?  Where did you go?  What did you see while you were there?  Are you returning to Earth with a friend or a souvenir?  Did you miss your home planet?


Hands-On Universe (HOU) Middle School Project




Book Report Questions

My planet is _____________________.

1.  How big is your planet?

2.  How many planets is it away from the sun?

3.  What is your planet's distance from the earth?

4.  Does your planet have any atmosphere?

5.  Does your planet have any gravity?

6.  Does your planet have any bands or rings?

7.  How long does it take for your planet to revolve?

8.  How long does it take your planet to rotate?

9.  What is your planet's temperature?

10.  What planets are on either side of your planet?

11.  Tell something interesting that you learned about your planet that you never knew.