Mrs. Susan Stein


I hosted a Poetry Club, every Thursday, for 10 weeks.  We tried many different types of poetry throughout that time slot, and had tons of fun exploring them. I hope you find the poetry  interesting.

This group consisted of  five Fourth Graders, for 5 weeks, and 10 Third Graders for 5 weeks.  The last day we had a party and all attended.

I planned to do a lot more poetry, but time ran out.  That's why there isn't any poetry posted by some of the links below.

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Abstract Noun Poetry

Roses Are Red

So Much Depends Upon

Dada Poetry

Free Verse




I Am...

If I Were...

Turn Around Poetry

My Retirement Poetry

Emotion Poetry


Abstract Noun Poetry



It smells like red wine.

It tastes like war heads.

It sounds like a seashell.

It feels like a hard punch.

It lives in my blood.


Death is gray.

It smells like rotten fish.

It tastes like a rotten carcass.

It sounds like coal crushing.

It feels like hot molten rock.

It lives in my video game.



Skill is white.

It smells like salt.

It tastes like wood.

It wounds like warriors jumping.

It feels like a dagger being thrust into

a warriors hear.

It lives in my brain.



It is hazel.

It smells like shampoo.

It tastes like dew drops.

It sounds like thunder.

It feels like hugs filled

with warmth.

It lives in the hearts of children.

By: Andrew




Hatred is dark black.

It smells like Satan's pitch fork.

It tastes like a cockroach's slicked up brain.

It sounds like a horrifying scream.

It feels like a spike pit.

It lives in hell.



Victory is orange.

It smells like fresh gold from the jewelers.

It tastes like the sea.

It sounds like a battle that has been won.

It feels like a cold, metal helmet.

And it lives in the barrel of a gun.


Below is Erik's favorite!


Torture is brown.

It smells like a foggy, 

misty night.

It tastes like democracy.

It sounds like the Twin Towers

avalanching down  

not deserving of this!

It feels like failure.

It lives in the devil.




Love is pink.

It smells like a beautiful, sweet, pink rose.

It tastes like crusty pie, just taken out of the oven.

It sounds like a person's first kiss.

It feels like silky pajamas.

It lives in everyone's soul.




Peace is magenta.

It smells like the end of a war.

It tastes like the last handshake.

It sounds like the last gunshot.

It feels like arms around me keeping me


It lives in the heart  of the planet.

By: Shaina




Humor is blue.

Humor smells like the red nose on a clown.

It tastes like sweet, delicious, chocolate candy.

It sounds like the laughter of children.

Humor feels ticklish!

It lives all around you. 


Joy is yellow.

It smells like happiness.

It tastes like the smell of baked cookies.

It sounds like friendship.

It feels like power.

It lives in your heart.

By: McKenzi


Roses Are Red

We did this just for fun.  Choose a color with one syllable and rhyme it.  You can later choose more than one syllable.  Just have some fun!


Roses are black

Violets are purple

You are so ugly

You look like Steve Urkle.

Roses are blue,

Violets are pink,

I'll rule the world!

And I won't really stink.


Roses are black,

Violets are blue,

What ! Are you crazy,

You got a tattoo.

Roses are black,

Violets are blue,

You are so sticky,

You feel like super glue!


Violets are blue,

Roses are pink,

You rolled in the garbage,

So you really stink!

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I'm turning green, sick in bed,

What a bummer! I have the flu!



Roses are white

Violets are blue,

Your hiding from me,

So boo to you ,too.

Violets are green,

Roses are blue,

You're really sick,

But, you don't have the flu.



Concrete Poetry

Words and phrases are arranged on paper to capture and extend the meaning. Each line should be a complete unit of thought.



Tanka Poetry:

Tanka is another form of Japanese poetry that consists of 31 syllables (5-7-5-7-7). The themes for Tanka are love, nature, seasons, and friendships.


Haiku Poetry:

A form of centuries old Japanese poetry that consists of seventeen syllables and has nature as its subject or theme. Haiku is very short and has a 5-7-5 syllable structure with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line, and 5 syllables in the third line. With just a couple of words, haiku poetry conveys emotion. It suggests that the reader look and listen to the world.



A limerick is a funny little poem containing five lines. The last words of the first, second, and fifth lines rhyme with each other (A) and the last words of the third and fourth lines rhyme with each other so the pattern is AABBA. It should also have a rhythm pattern.



Diamonte Poetry:

Diamonte poems are easy poems to write. You need to think of a subject and its opposite and then follow the format listed below:

First line: one word (subject).

Second line: two adjectives describing the subject

Third line: three words ending in -ing telling about the subject

Fourth line: four words, the first two describe the subject and the last two describe its opposite

Fifth line: three words ending in -ing telling about the opposite

Sixth line: two adjectives describing the opposite

Seventh line: one word (opposite from the first line)






Cinquain Poetry:

Cinquain poems are five lines long with a certain number of syllables or words in each. Cinquain poems do not rhyme. There are many ways to write cinquain poems.

Line 1: Title - one word or two syllables
Line 2: Description or example of the title - 2 words or four syllables
Line 3: Action about the title - a 3 word phrase or six syllables
Line 4: a 4 word phrase describing a feeling about the title or 8 syllables
Line 5: Synonym for the title - one word - 2 syllables


Free Verse ~is just what it says it is-poetry that is written without proper rules about form, rhyme, rhythm, meter, etc.  In free verse the writer makes his/her own rules.  The writer decided how the poem should look, feel, and sound. The greatest writer of free verse is Walt Whitman.



I wiped out

as my frost



rips through the snowy ramps

a bunny hops

as an owl approaches

it scoops



and heads to the heavens

By: Andrew


i was walking

one day in times square

a snowflake fell

i focused

on it

it was special

to my eyes

it was larger



 more graceful

then the others



By: Erik


one graceful morning

i woke up

there was a great





of snow outside my window

a cold chill came over


like an icy cold


touching me

on my shoulder

i go outside

as i dive into

the freezing snow

having the





By: Jenna



i run



softly stepped

on the large


blanket of snow

i picked the jewels off

the ground

they are soft



By: Shaina


the snow



outside my window

i hear laughing

all around me

it sounds like the beauty



By: McKenzi


I Am...

An I Am poem is a good way to teach children to focus on their own characteristics.


I am loving, and funny

I wonder why cats and dogs fight.

I hear galloping overhead.

I see flowers dancing in the field.

I want to be a teacher just like my Second Grade Teacher.

I am loving, and funny.


I pretend to be the best cook.

I feel great when I'm around Mrs. Stein.

I touch my cat that I love.

I worry about my friends when they get hurt.

I cry when my mom cries.

I am loving, and funny.


I understand how it feels to lose a pet.

I say that Mrs. Stein is the best!

I dream to improve someone one day.

I try to be nice to all.

I hope that peace will come to everyone in the world.

I am loving and funny.


Grade 3



I am helpful, and sweet.

I wonder why water is always gushing.

I hear heavenly harps playing.

I see angels flying around.

I want peace on earth.

I am helpful, and sweet.


I pretend I am an actress.

I feel my dog licking me.

I touch the stars and the moon.

I worry about my friends.

I cry when I am hurt inside.

I am helpful, and sweet.


I understand that flowers bloom in the spring.

I say that people should be treated the same way.

I dream of world peace.

I try to do good in school.

I hope everyone is happy and kind.

I am helpful, and sweet.


Grade 3



I am kind, and loving.

I wonder why my mom is so busy.

I hear squirrels scampering across the leaves.

I see birds flying through the light, blue sky.

I want to be a pianist.

I am kind, and loving.


I pretend to play school.

I feel helpful when I do something for another person.

I touch a sweet, smiling rose.

I worry about my dog.

I cry when my parents yell at me.

I am kind, and loving.


I understand I should not lie.

I say that all people should have the same rights as others.

I dream of being a pianist.

I try to do my best in school.

I hope everyone is treated fairly.

I am kind, and loving.


Grade 3


I am helpful and kind.

I wonder why they call the world, the world.

I hear the scrapping of ice skates on the ice.

I see my teacher, teaching us.

I am helpful and kind.


I pretend to be a famous dancer.

I feel happy when I get good grades.

I touch the people that I help.

I worry about my parents getting a divorce.

I cry when my sister gets into trouble.

I am helpful and kind.


I understand that you have to listen to your mom.

I say that people should be equal.

I dream when I grow up I will live a happy life.

I try to get better grades in gym.

I hope that my friends and I will always be friends.

I am helpful and kind.


Grade 4



I am kind and warm.

I wonder why people have war against other countries.

I hear the sound of a horse neighing from a field.

I see a Hawaiian Island on a beautiful sea.

I want to be one of the best artists in the world!

I am kind and warm.


I pretend to be a beautiful mermaid in my pool.

I feel that my hamster is too funny.

I touch the heart of a kind person.

I worry that I won't be able to sing well.

I cry when a family member or a pet dies.

I am kind and warm.


I understand that everyone cried on Sept. 11, 2002.

I say that one day people will get along better.

I dream of being a good tap dancer when I grow up.

I try to listen to everything my parents say.

I hope for peace in the world someday.

I am kind and warm.


Grade 3


I am kind and graceful.

I wonder why my dad treats me so great.

I hear the beautiful wind brushing against my face.

I see Nature, so gorgeous, all around me.

I want to be a Director.

I am kind and graceful.


I pretend I'm an actress.

I feel I'm protected by everyone I'm around.

I touch the beautiful rainbow that shines.

I worry about my unlived life in the future.

I cry when my feelings are hurt and when I'm mad.

I am kind and graceful.


I understand when people get hurt.

I say that in the world we should have peace and freedom.

I dream my wishes will come true.

I try to do my best in school.

I hope my life will be good.

I am kind and graceful.


Grade 3



I am caring, and helpful.

I wonder why the winter is so cold.

I hear gorgeous angels flapping their winds while they fly to heaven.

I see colorful leaves falling in autumn.

I want a dog.

I am caring, and helpful.


I pretend I am an ASPCA cop.

I feel God's big hand tapping my shoulder.

I worry about my friends getting hurt.

I cry when others get hurt.

I am caring, and helpful.


I understand that I can't do my best in everything.

I say that nobody should starve.

I dream that I will be able to be an ASCPA cop.

I try to do my best in Science.

I hope my dad and step mom, step brother, brother, and I have a good life together.

I am caring, and helpful.


Grade 4



I am special, loving,

I wonder when the world was made.

I hear the wind passing through my ears.

I see my mom working.

I want to be a pianist.

I am special, loving.

I pretend to be a nocturnal animal.

I feel loved.

I touch the end of a window.

I worry about my friends and family.

I cry when someone picks on me.

I am special, loving.

I understand when my mom cries.

I say that people should be treated the same.

I dream that I will predict the future.

I try to do my best.

I hope for the war to stop.

I am special, and loving.






I am loving, caring, and kind.

I wonder why my mom is always tired.

I hear...nothing!

I can see my paper.

I want twenty break-dancing cows.

I am loving, caring, and kind.

I pretend to be the best.

I feel sick.

I can touch my clothes.

I worry about...everything!

I cry when my feelings get hurt.

I am loving, caring, and kind.

I understand why sharks really eat people.

I say nothing, except sharks eat fish.

I dream that I will be a construction worker.

I try to do everything.

I hope for world peace.

I am loving, caring, and kind.


Grade 3




I am funny, cheerful

I wonder what the history of America is.

I hear animals singing in the woods.

I see people holding hands around the world.

I want to be a great writer and painter, who matters

I am funny, cheerful.

I pretend to be a warrior in the civil war.

I feel sure I will be something great on day.

I touch the stars all the time.

I worry about not going to college one day.

I cry when I fall down on a stone.

I am funny, cheerful

I understand that abuse is bad!

I say, "Follow your dreams!"

I dream of bringing peace into the world.

I try to be the best that I can be.

I hope to be great.

I am funny and cheerful.



Grade 3




I am an athletic, daring

I wonder how the graceful water travels.

I hear the shouting crowd at a hockey game.

I see the thrashing waterfall,

blushing a white water river.

I want to sky dive on a windy, blue, day.

I am athletic, daring.

I pretend I am in an action movie

I am blowing up in mid air

And I survive my fiery blow hole.

I feel like playing sports every second

and toughing up when I play them.


Grade 4




I hope to become and complete what I start.

I am athletic and daring.

I touch the fresh spring water

that glides upon the rocks and sea creatures.

I worry about the attention

and nervous feeling that I will experience at the

High School Shoot-Out.

I cried when my football team lost the Superbowl.

But then I toughened up and built up

my strength.

I am athletic and daring.

I understand that Osama Ben Ladin

will strike again and that we will get him.

I say that black people should be treated fairly 

and not discriminated against.


Grade 4



If I Were...


If I were Mother Earth I would

Use all of my power to  make the world full

of trees, green grass, animals, and plants.

I would make the world more loving and peaceful

and full of much happiness.

I would make sure kids are happy in the snow.

I would make sure nobody would hurt me.

I would make sure they didn't hurt my wonderful life 

that I have.

I would make sure I gave some of my power to people

who are needy.

I would make sure the sun would glimmer and the water sparkle

and the waterfalls remain clear.

I would definitely do my best...

If I were Mother Earth.






If I were a tree in the darkest part of the woods

I would see the graceful owls

making their hollow home.

I would see a man approaching me with an axe.

He begins cutting me down into wood.

The forests are being destroyed!

I would see a fox grinning a sly grin

in the dark night that falls.

I would see a poacher waiting patiently for

a clean shot.

He waits in the underbrush.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The speeding bullet strikes an unnoticed deer.

The deer gets up with three bullet holes in it...

Gushing out blood.

It finally gives in to death.





If I were a tiger grazing for my prey in the

hazy field of graceful, moving wheat I'd




My thrashing claws rip through the raw

meat of the thrashing gazelle's neck.

It falls and with fear

In the pit of it's dead eye

I take pity...


But return.

Why leave a good meal?

So I pick it up and begin

Chomping down.




If I were a waterfall I would

go crashing down on the rocks below.

I would feel the coolness of water running through 

my transparent skin.

I would see all that Mother Nature has given us.






If I were a beautiful, sparkling waterfall

I'd carry down dirty, brown logs into a little river

I would see a jungle with monkeys, birds, and

other animals.

I would hear the rushing water falling 

down like a heavy, branch from a tree.

I would want to fly away like a bird

and see the wonderful world.

I would love all the gorgeous things around.

If I was a waterfall.


Grade 3




 Emotion Poetry



Seems a light purple

Like a dream coming true.

I see birds flying past

glad to be alive after 

a hunter fires his gun.

I hear cries of joy.

Being grateful cheers me up.

I was grateful when I was in Mrs. Stein's class

in Second Grade.

I would be thankful if

Mrs. Stein would stay with me....



Grade 3



Depressed seems gray.

Like sickness when you're sick.

I see raindrops falling from the gray clouds.

I hear thunder roaring from the dark sky.

Depressed is a lonely feeling.

I touch gray rain, when it hits my face.

I taste water from the sick faucet.

How wonderful would it feel 

If I wasn't depressed.



Grade 3



Loneliness is like blackness

when you're all alone.

I can see a flower sitting in an open field

The sun beaming down upon it.

I hear a lonely raven crying out

crocodile  tears fall.

Loneliness is like a gloomy day

I touch the soft face of my

comforting mother.

I taste the wide open meadows

waving in the wind.

How great it would be not to be 


and to have a friend.


Grade 4



Being scared is gray.

Like bombs blowing up.

I see people running around and hiding,

I hear screaming, and people yelling,


Scared is an emotion that I hate!

I touch gray rain drops that slowly

fall on me.

And then everything stops.

As I walk through the frozen drops of rain

I continue to be scared.


Grade 4



Depressed seems gray.

Like a stormy, but fragile day

That stands still.

I see the world around me

Being viciously destroyed.

I hear bombs dropping in my mind

Thinking, pondering.

Depressed is you heart

filled with questions and depressing moments.

I touch my mom's teardrops as the

quietly fall down her pale cheeks.

I watch the world changing

And beginning to be destroyed




Grade 4




Seems like the color orange.

Like the pedals on a bright flower.

I see people playing around.

I hear laughter and cheering.

Joyful is exciting and funny.

I touch the orange that sits on the table.

I taste the juice dripping down from the fruit.

How nice it would be for everyone to be...



Grade 4



  Joyful seems like lilac.

Like the bells ringing.

I see people laughing and having fun.

I hear the fireworks booming as kids

watch with happiness.

Joyful is very happy, which I am feeling.

I touch a lilac flower which is very bright.

I taste the cupcake of a happy child.

I hope to see joyful people every day.


Grade 3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            



Turn Around Poetry


The Toag has pointy teeth,

And two thin legs right beneath.

It growls and drinks a root beer float.

Turn him around and you'll

find a cute, gray goat.


Grade 4



My Retirement Poetry


Mrs. Stein is like the ocean

glistening in the sun.

Her eyes are like green grass

waving in the wind.

Her lips are like bright pink roses

just getting ready to bloom.

And this is how we'll remember her

My wonderful Mrs. Stein.

~Jenna,  McKenzi, and Shaina


Grade 4


Mrs. Stein, Mrs. Stein, Mrs. Stein

There isn't any one else like


You've touched our hearts

You've made us feel smart.

You are kind

There will not be any one else

ever like you!

~Vincent, Cash, Joseph

Grade 3


Your love is red

Like a rose blooming on a sunny day.

We see beautiful flower pedals  in the wind,

Like your hair.

We hear bells of joy saying your name.

They make us feel love.

We touch Mrs. Stein's heart and she knows we care.

There is a light of passion burning inside of you.

We taste yummy, sugary, heart-shaped cookies.

Love is how the world goes round.

~Jennifer, Emma, Tara

Grade 3




There are leaves in nature.

There's snow in nature.

There's fresh bananas from a tree.

But one thing in nature isn't there,

It's my love of my second grade teacher, Mrs. Stein.

She has touched my heart

One year ago .

And to this day she still does and

always will!!

I hope!!

~Laura, and Lauryn

Grade 3



You're leaving our hearts

from the depths of our soul.

We will miss you

and your warm, loving hugs, and

when you sing rockin' roll.

When soldiers you've had

go out to war, 

they think of you,

It is a miracle

Come true.

Erik, and Andrew

Grade 4

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