Dinosaur Words


Chasmosaurus --A dinosaur with a small nose horn, two larger horns above the brows, and a frill with large openings in its skeleton.  It was about 17 feet in length


Compsognathus--One of the smallest known dinosaurs, no larger than a chicken.  It was only 2 1/2 feet in length.  It may be an ancestor of the birds.


crush--To break into fine pieces by grinding, pounding or pressing


dinosaur--Now extinct animal of the Mesozoic Era, which was from 225 to 65 million years ago.  Some dinosaurs were probably cold-blooded and sluggish reptiles while other were warm-blooded mammals.  Some dinosaurs grew to enormous size.


endangered--In danger of dying off or becoming extinct.  The giant panda is an  endangered animal.


Euoplocephalus--A large ankylosaur with armored bands down its back and a bony tail club.  It was about 20 feet in length.


extinct--No longer existing.  Dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago.


fossils--Preserved evidence of former life.  Fossils can either be imprints, which show what is left when a plant or animal is pressed against something or the actual remains of a plant or animal.


imprints--Marks made by pressure.


Lambeosaurus--A duckbilled dinosaur with a large crest shaped like a hacket blade.  It was about 50feet in length.


model--A representation or miniature replica of something.


paleontologist--This is the name of the type of scientist who studies dinosaurs and other fossils.

reptile--Any of a group of vertebrates that are cold-blooded, breathe air, and usually have skin covered with scales or bony plates.  Snakes, lizards, turtles, and alligators are reptiles.


skeleton--The framework of bones and cartilage in vertebrates.  The skeleton supports the muscles and supports and protects the body's organs.


Stegosaurus--Dinosaur with a huge horn on its snout, two small horns above the eyes and a frill that ended in small spikes.  It was about 18 feet in length.


Triceratops--A dinosaur with a large horn above each eye and a smaller horn on the nose, a bony collar extending from the neck and a long and powerful tail.  It was about 25-30 feet in length.

Velociraptor--A small but fierce two-legged dinosaur with large claws on its small hands which it used by grasping prey.  It was about 6-7 feet in length.