Bat Poems
Many of these poems came from various mail rings ... thanks to all who sent them!

Read some of our own cinquain bat poetry.



Are all bats hairy, scary things
Rushing past on muffled wings,
Out of caves into the night,
On some silent, secret flight?

I think not! I think they're great!
No matter size or shape or weight.
From radio waves to airplane wings
Bats can teach me many things.

Bats Are Sleeping
(tune: Frere Jacques)

Bats are sleeping
Bats are sleeping
Upside down.
Upside down.
Sleeping in the morning sun.
Waiting for the night to come.
Then they'll fly all around.
Then they'll fly all around.


The baby bat 
Screamed out in fright,
"Turn on the dark,
I'm afraid of the light."

Two little bats hanging in a cave
One named Dan, one named Dave
Fly away Dan
Fly away Dave
Come back Dan, come back Dave!

Five Batty Bats

Five batty bats
Were hanging ‘neath the moon.

"Quiet!" said the first.
"The witch is coming soon."

"She’s green," said the second,
"With a purple pointy nose."

"Black boots," said the third,
"Cover up her ugly toes."

"Her broom," said the fourth,
"Can scratch you - that I know!"

"I’m scared," said the fifth.
"I think we’d better go."

Five batty bats
Escaped into the night.

"Dear me," said the witch.
"That’s a scary sight!"

Little Bat

Small and furry,
little bat,
fly through the sky at night.
Listen, listen,
little bat
as echoes guide your flight.
Swoop and dive,
little bat,
catch insects as you fly.
Hurry, hurry,
little bat,
back to your nearby cave.
Snug and warm,

little bat,
toes hold the ceiling light.
Sleepy, sleepy,
little bat,
wrapped in your wings until night.



A bat can hang upside down
It holds on with its toes
When it wants to find some food
It spreads its wings and goes
A bat might live inside a cave
And fly around at night 
And when it's dark a bat knows how
to get around all right.

Flying Bats

If I could hide inside this cave,
What wondrous sights I'd see;
Brown bats all hanging upside down
Like dark leaves on a tree.
Their mouths wide open as they fly,
Shouting sounds as they go by;
The echoes bounce off rocks and things.
To help them steer their hunter's wings.

Spooky Bats

Spooky bats go flying at night,
Flapping about in the pale moonlight.
Spreading their wings, they're a scary sight!
But truth be told, there's no need for fright.

Spooky bats are really not bad.
They eat harmful insects, for which we're glad!
They're somewhat shy, I might also add.
But never grab one - it could get mad!

Spooky bats like to sleep in the day.
They hang upside down and doze that way!
Caves and trees are where they stay.
Until it grows dark - then it's up and away.


Five Black Bats
By Shel Silverstein

Five black bats
Ready to soar;
One stayed behind,
Now there are four.
Four black bats
Hanging from a tree;
One fell down,
Now there are three.
Three black bats
Wondering what to do;
One flew away,
Now there are two.
Two black bats
Sitting in the sun;
One fell asleep,
Leaving only one.
One lonesome bat
With no place to go,
Went hiding in a cave,
Now there are zero.

Amazing Bats

Amazing bats like to eat
Thousands of bugs for a tasty treat.
Flying through the moonlit air,
Traveling here and traveling there.
Hibernating when the weather's cold,
Gathered with hundreds of friends,
I'm told.
Many bats are endangered, I'm sad to say
There are fewer and fewer bats every day.
Be kind to bats, that's the thing to do,
Tell your friends and your family too!

Bats Are Neat

Flying, flying in the sky,
Bats are neat, I'll tell you why.
Flying foxes are the tallest,
Bumblebee bats are the smallest.
Bats are yellow, red, and brown,
Bats sleep hanging upside-down.
Some eat bugs and some eat fruit,
Some look mean and some look cute.
Flying, flying in the sky,
Bats are neat, now you know why!

Those Bats

They come in many colors,
Flying through the night time air.
They use sonar to guide their way,
Those bats are everywhere!
They eat so many little bugs,
The farmers love them so.
But when the daylight comes along,
Do you know where they go?

5 little bats came flying in the door,
One flew away and that left only 4
4 little bats hiding in a tree,
One flew away and that left 3
3 little bats looking down at you,
One flew away and that left 2
2 little bats hiding from the sun,
One flew away and that left just one.
One little bat hanging all alone,
He flew away and then there were none.