Bats by Cella Bland

Bats Jamboree

Beast Feast by Couglas Florian

Caves - I Can Read About by C.J. Noden

Extremely Weird Bats by Sarah Lovett

Going Batty-the Magic School Bus by Joanna Cole

Night Creatures

Night Gliders

Stellaluna by Janell Cannon

When I Lived With Bats by Faith McNulty

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Write this poem and illustrate it:

The Bat

The bat is batty as can be,
It sleeps all day in cave or tree,
And when the sun sets in the sky,
It rises from its rest to fly.
All night this mobile mammal mugs
A myriad of flying bugs.
And after its night out on the town,
The batty bat sleeps
(write "upside down" upside down as the last line.)

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