Weather Vocabulary

cirrus clouds --thin, "feather-like clouds made of ice crystals high in the sky

cumulus clouds--white, "puff," fair weather  clouds

cumulonimbus clouds-- towering storm clouds

stratus clouds-- gray, "sheet-like" cloud layer that blankets the sky

snow--forms in the cloud as ice and falls to Earth as snow

showers--light to medium precipitation from clouds in form of rain

rain--water droplets that have grown too heavy and fell to earth                                 rainanim.gif (2659 bytes)

thunderstorm--rainstorm with thunder and lightning   

                                                                                                        lightning_md_wht.gif (3336 bytes)

hurricane--severe storm that develops in tropical areas

sunny--clear sky with sunshine sun.gif (5255 bytes)


fog-- cloud of fine water drops found close to the ground or sea

cold front-- leading edge of cold air mass

warm front--leading edge of warm air mass

high pressure system-- cool air with less evaporation, means good weather

low pressure-- warm air is rising, forming clouds that bring bad weather




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