Owl Poetry


There Was An Owl

There was an owl

who lived in an oak.

The more he heard,

the less he spoke;

the less he spoke,

the more he heard-

Why can't we be

like that wise old bird?

The Owl In The Tree

I saw an owl

He sat in a tree.

He opened one eye

He winked at me.

 Mr. Owl

I saw an owl up in a tree,

I looked at him, he looked at me;

I couldn't tell you of his size,

For all I saw were two big eyes;

As soon as I could make a dash,

Straight home I ran, quick as a flash!

By: Edna Hamilton

The Owl, And The Wind

Oh, did you hear the wind last night

A-blowing right at you?

It sounded just as though it said,


The wind now has a playmate,

Just as most children do,

He sits up in a tree, and hoots,

"To-whoo, to-whit, to-whoo,"

So when you hear the owl and the wind

Just at the close of day,

They're calling to each other

To come out and play.

By: Madeline A. Chaffe

Two Baby Owls

Two baby owls sat in a tree,

And blinked because they could not see.

"The sun is shining bright," they said,

"So let's go home and go to bed."

A little squirrel, frisking near

The owls, were very quick to hear.

Said, he, "It's fine for work or play;

I'm glad the sun shines bright today."

By: Ada Clark


If I were as wise

as many have said,

I wouldn't eat mice,

I'd be in my bed.

I'm not in my bed,

I'm prowling the skies,

so mice be aware...

I'm not all that wise.

By: Jack Prelutsky