The Hunter


Most owls have huge eyes. They have keen hearing.  Their eyes and ears help them hunt at night.

In very dim light, the kind we squint our eyes, so we can see more clearly, the owl sees better than any other animal.

They watch carefully for their prey.  They listen very closely.

When a great gray owl hears an animal, such as a mouse, moving under the snow, the owl swoops after it.  Over the sound, the owl hovers , then dives, plunging its head into the snow.  At the same time, its long legs shoot forward to grab the prey with toes and talons.

The needle-sharp talons on an owl's grasping toes are powerful hunting tools.

Most owls hunt at night.  The elf owl and northern hawk owls, hunt during the day.

Usually, big owls eat big prey, and small owls eat small prey.