Flag of the United States of America.WHAT HAPPENED?Flag of the United States of America.

What happened that September Day
We all struggle to understand
With grief and anguish in our hearts
Our country must take a stand

Soon the stars and stripes appear
on every home and car
A symbol of our strength and hope
As we prepare in war

As the flags grow scarce
We search far and wide
The need for "Old Glory"
To reflect our pride...

...Time goes on, six months have passed
The wounds still fresh for many
The families of September 11th
Seek normalcy, if any

But wait, what's this, the stars and stripes
That once flew far and wide
Have been replaced with springtime themes
Have we forgotten about our pride?

I wonder what the families think
Old Glory now worn and tattered
As they pass those familiar homes and cars
The flag, once all that mattered

I can't help but wonder about our nation
When I see our flag so frayed
How soon we all forget the pain
Of that tragic September day

So let's think about those special heroes
Who lost their lives that day
And honor them with fitting flags
And for the families...Pray








With written permission

by Gwen Loiacono

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