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What is a verb? 
     A verb is one of the most important parts of a sentence. It tells the subjects actions.  It is always found in the predicate of a sentence.  A verb that shows action is called an action verb. 

Example: I am riding my horse, Harley Jones.

Can you find the verb? Underline it.

1. Miss Wolf drives to work every day.

2. Mr. Jones jogs two miles no matter what time of year it is.

3. There is a clown doing magic tricks in the third ring of the circus.

4. The students in the class are writing down notes for reading.

5. My teacher sings with us during music.

6. Scott is jumping off the diving board.

7. The flowers are blooming in the garden.

8. My mom bakes the greatest cupcakes.

9. The girls were skipping down a pebbled path.

10. We drove to Disneyland during the last vacation.

On the back write 5 more verbs and put them into sentences.