Well, I see you made it here! That's because you either are a new teacher or a student teacher.

I went to Boulder Creek with my husband recently, and met a lovely young lady named Marissa. She has changed her major and wants now to be a teacher. In talking to her, I decided that she and others like her may need some helpful links for student teaching. I didn't forget the first year teacher, either.

These are challenging times. So many young people are going into teaching and the jobs are scarce. You need to prove yourself early and get your name out there. Join the PTA where you are student teaching, go to events, and volunteer. Let the school hear your voice!

I was once in your shoes and I understand what is needed, seeing I just retired after teaching 34 years!

This page will be very beneficial to you. I will update often and seek out the best teacher resources for you. If you need more or something in particular, just e-mail me and let me know.

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Updated April 6, 2006

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Special Education Teacher Talk: Student Teaching
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Beginning Teacher's Tool Box First Year Teacher Tips
K-5 Survival Guide for New Teachers What I'd Wish I'd Known for the New Teacher
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First Week Activity: The Kissing Hand Student Teaching
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Life Cycle

Life Cycle of the Butterfly

Beginning Themes and Activities for Starting the School Year Language Arts Mini-Lessons K-5
Dinosaurs Awesome Autumn
Children's Literature Lesson Plans and Resources  Science: Lesson Plans
The African American Experience: A Research Quilt Thanksgiving
Friendship Lesson Planet
Bats Color and Light


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