Halloween, Halloween,

Everyone gets slimy and green!

Witches, bats, brooms and more

Oh, what fun - galore!

Go trick-or-treating, have some fun,

Eat lots of candy before the night is done.

If you get scared...

Then run, run, run!


Grade 2

Oct. 12, 2001




                        Christmas Joys                       

There are so many Christmas joys;
like toys under the Christmas tree
snowflakes falling on my tongue,
and still snowmen standing in the cold.
I'll give it a hat and mittens too.
There are ornaments on the evergreen tree,
fire in the fire place,
and big heavy jackets.
Then when Christmas comes,
Santa is busy giving presents,
and when he is done,
we all hear "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

By: Tara

Grade 2

November 19, 2001