States of Matter Poems

Magic Water


When water freezes

Or water boils

It gets a different name,

It turns to ice

It turns to steam

But it's water just the same!


Air is a gas.

We can't see it, that's true;

But often we feel it

In things that we do.


It keeps up a kite.

Air fills up a bubble.

Without it to breathe,

We would be in BIG trouble!


A liquid moves smoothly.

We say that it flows.

From one place to another--

How quickly it goes!


We know that most liquids

Are easy to see.

With no shape of their own,

They're not like you and me.


A solid is a solid,

It doesn't change its shape.

It cannot move around,

It stays in just one place.


Your desk is a solid,

And so is your chair.

Just look in your classroom--

Wow! They're everywhere!

What Is Matter?

(Sung to Three Blind Mice)

What is matter?

What is matter?

A solid, liquid, or gas.

A solid, liquid, or gas.

It takes up space and weighs something, too.

It's everywhere--that includes me and you.

Did you ever think such a thing could be true?

That is matter.

That is matter.

Matter Really Matters

by Sue Boulais

Matter is very important;

It makes up the things that we see,

Without it, all things as we know them

Would simply just not even be!


We wouldn't have fish in the ocean;

We wouldn't have clouds in the air.

No people in houses, no grass on the ground

Why, the ground wouldn't even be there!


Matter is very important---

Especially to you and to me.

Everyone's made up of matter---

Without it, we just wouldn't be.

What's the Matter?

by Tom McGowen

What's the matter, do you ask?

I'll tell you right away.

It's everything around you,

As you work or sleep, or play.


A chair is matter, a table, too,

And so is a rock or tree.

A cloud, a star, a blade of grass,

A raindrop, a bumblebee.


The earth is matter, so is the sea,

And the sky is matter, too.

(Of course what matters most of all

Is the matter that is you!)


There's matter almost everywhere,

Except in one special place--

The vast, black, lonely emptiness,

That we call outer space.

Matter Always Matters

Judy Rosenbaum

Stone, as solid as can be,

Can't fit in a smaller place.

Water (liquid) from a lake or sea

Takes the shape of any space.


But the gases of the air

Can't be seen by human eyes.

They can slip in anywhere

Change to any shape or size.