tube sock
fabric paint
What to Do:
Fill a tube sock  with white rice ( Jasmine has a nutty aroma) with a cute face fabric painted on
the end and tied on the other end.

You can add a scent to the sock by adding  essential oils, herbs, etc.


With it came this cute poem:

A Gift For You!

This is called a "snuggle sock".
We made it just for you.
It's good for all your aches and pains,
Cause it makes you feel brand new.
Just pop it in the microwave,
And turn it up to one,
And then before you know it,
Your "Snuggle Sock"
is done.
Now take it to the Living Room,
And lay down on the couch,
And press your toasty "Snuggle Sock",
On the nagging little "ouch".