Sick Day


The class is sick and getting worse.
We all should go to see the nurse.
We're sure we should go home today.
It could be fatal if we stay.
We're nauseated, nearly ill.
We have a fever and a chill.
We have a cold. We have the flu.
We're turning green. We're turning blue.
We have the sweats. We have the shakes.
We're coming down with bellyaches.
Our knees are weak, our vision's blurred,
our throats are sore, our voices slurred.
And did we mention this to you?
We all have migraine headaches too.
We're strewn with head lice, ticks and mites.
We're covered in mosquito bites.
We have a cough, a creak, a croak,
A reddish rash from poison oak,
A feeble head, a weakened heart.
We may just faint or fall apart.
We sprained our ankles, stubbed our toes,
and soon we'll start to decompose.
And one more thing we have today
that makes us have to go away
that's just as bad as all the rest,
we also have a science test.

--Kenn Nesbitt