Nithya, what a lovely poem!  I was deeply touched. Keep writing poetry.



The Orphan Girl



Here at the orphanage, every day,

The people would talk and the children would play


But not the raven-haired girl,

Who wore a necklace of pearl


Every night some children will dance,

But not the raven-haired girl, who stayed in a trance


She stays at her table, from dusk till dawn,

She wears a face sad and forlorn


Some sort of joy we tried to find,

But there was none in her depressed mind


We have tried time and time again to find her name,

But every time we asked, she’d just hang her head in shame


Then one day she stayed for a week and more,

Weeping, till she was no more


Although her name we could not find,

We all knew she was one of a kind.




 ~ Nithya Godahewa (11 yrs)

Grade 5


 91/11A, Midland Av.,

              Watarappola Rd.,

              Mount Lavinia,

              Sri Lanka