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Check Mark Shelby James

Recorded on Feb. 23, 2004

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Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic/Betty McDonald














Double Fudge/Judy Blume


Mrs.Piggle - Wiggle's Magic- I liked how the book was separated
into short stories and I like how Mrs.Piggle - Wiggle always has these special potions that she makes.

This is a funny book and if you like
books about magic then this is the book for you because this
book tells stories about kids that have like different problems
like one of the problems that the kids have is one is a Heedless
Breaker which if you don't know means a person who breaks

 Mrs.Piggle-Wiggle makes up these potions that cure the kids' problems!  There isn't really an ending to this book because each chapter is 1 short story, so this story is made up of a lot of short little stories.

In Mrs.Piggle-Wiggle's Magic I can't
really relate to any of the characters.


This book is about a little boy named Farley
Drexel Hatcher, but his nick name is Fudge!  Fudge has a Myna Bird that speaks a lot of English!  Fudge is also obsessed with
money, he will do almost anything to get it!  Fudge's big brother is named Peter, but Fudge calls him Pete. He has a best friend named
Jimmy Fargo and Jimmy's dad is a famous painter.  

This family always has fun!  One time the Hatchers went to a museum where they make money!  When they were in the gift shop they
met their long lost cousins.  That family was made up of a mom, a dad, a set of twins, and a little brother.  That family called the set of twins the Natural Beauties, and the little
brother's name was Farley- Drexel, too.  Fudge hated the thought of a little boy having the same name as him!   Peter's dad has a very funny nickname. 
That nickname is Tubby or for short Tub!

I like that when Peter's family is at the museum they meet their long lost cousins and the littlest cousin is named the same as Peter's little brother Farley-Drexel Hatcher
or his nickname is Fudge!

I can kind of relate to Fudge in Double Fudge because he is the little brother that kind of like always gets what he wants because I am a little sister.   In another way I am kind of
like Fudge because he likes money and I like money, too!