Thinking of Big Brother



The young girl walks so
slow into her big brothers room
hoping not to cry
Thinking of this silent room always brings  tears
to her eyes.

She whispers so softly,
"I'm sorry for all the things of done,
all the things I didn't do, I wish you weren't the one"

But cant help but smile
that ever so true
her brothers army suit
stands at salute.

She tells herself a story
while quietly sitting on the floor
that one day when she turns around
it will be her big brother at the door.

She felt so helplessly lonely.
Sad just cannot describe.
The panicking feeling that she feels inside.

Everyone was of course sorry.
But did they ever stop to think?
That her big brother happened to be more than just a lost soldier                                                          He was a hero, not just some fink.                                                                                                                                                                                
He died while saving a dear friend
more special than they will ever know.
He put himself in front of the
bullet that took his own sweet life
This both seems so peaceful but always will bring strife.

Of course his friend felt angry
More sorry than you'll know.
She heard he cried for a whole week
and panicked for a year.
That bullet took her brothers life.
But his heart did it sear.

A year might seem long to mourn
even for a young persons life
But little girl will cry for her brother
for all eternity, her whole life.

She gets up off the floor
and hopes with all her hope
she will live her life
and cope, yes, just cope. 

Big brother died at twenty two
handsome as could be
Big Brother may have died but he's here.
Here with young girl, you, and me.




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Kathryn Stubeck

Grade 7

13 years old