High Frequency Words


Research has shown that reading skills improve with the growth of a readers sight word vocabulary.  These are words that a reader instantly knows without having to decode or figure out the words.  The  following lists are the most important or frequently used words in written language.  Children need to know these words at a quick glance.  If a reader can quickly identify these words he/she can focus their attention toward unknown words and comprehension.



* Have your child read one list at a time. Note any hesitations or errors.

* Words that had hesitations or were unknown can be written on index cards.

* Work on learning 5 - 10 at a time.

* Write words on individual flash cards. Children read through cards.

* Make 2 sets of flash cards. Children match and read the words.

* Play a game of "Memory" or "Concentration" with the 2 sets of cards.

* Child says and spells word on card.

* Child says name of word and creates a sentence with this word.

* Child searches for a particular word in a magazine, cereal box or newspaper article. Use a highlighter to show the word.

* Look for small words inside the High Frequency Word.

* Talk about the meaning of the word.

* Find/talk about words that rhyme with the words.

* Practice! Practice! Practice!