Teachers:  If you need resources about famous people visit Teachers Page on my site under Social Studies.  There are many great sites to introduce famous Americans, a Biography Maker, Biographies for Young Readers, and much more.


Dear Parents,

On (day of the week), (month, date), your child will be participating in a special classroom program about famous people in history. The following "outline" will help your child to organize the information that will be helpful in making the character become "real" for the day. See next page.


You may type what your child needs to read on a separate sheet of paper.  Or you might help write out what your child needs to say.  There is no need to memorize anything.  Your child should come to school on (month, date) dressed as his or her character.


Please encourage your child to learn about his or her "character".  The more familiar one becomes with the character, the easier it will be to make the character "alive".  Also, invited guests may wish to speak to our historical characters, who will become part of a living time-line.


Parents are invited to attend.  We will begin at (time).


Thank you for all of your assistance thus far and any help you can give your child with this project.


I hope it will prove to be a valuable learning opportunity.





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