The leaves rustle 'neath my feet

as it stains my cold little cheeks.

The power, as it blows my hair back,

shaking even the strong warrior's branches,

stripping off his colors,

like nature's whistle.


Crunch! Crunch!



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The Odd One

What is it about you, Europe?
You don't got an "A", like all the others.
You start with the fifth letter of the alphabet.
You hold onto the big guy - Asia.

You're so unique, Europe.

What is it about you?

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Grade 3

November 2002

These are Tara's poems.  Tara was in my second grade class last year.  She came down to my classroom to share her poems with me.  I thought she should have them published on the web, so she just sent me these. Tara also has a great ability to write stories.  I look forward to reading them when she gets older. Thanks, Tara

You're Number 1 in my book!