Here's Stephen Picher (again!) I am from Orlando, Florida. I have got a real long story for you staring a character I thought up. He is called Boink Bunny. His friends are Pack Pig and Doing Duck. 

Now here's the  story.      (April 2002)  

Stephen ~ Age 8                                                           


 One fine summer day, Boink Bunny was taking a walk around his neighborhood. The sun was shining brightly threw the tall oak trees.  The houses were all kinds of shapes and sizes. They were dark colors and light colors. Some were red, and some were orange. Some were blue and, some were yellow.  It was a nice neighborhood to live in.    

What a fine day to play basketball, said Boink Bunny. I think I will go see if Pack and Doing want to play too. It's only a few blocks from here. So he set off for Pack and Doing's house.    

Pack and Doing's house was orange. It had a pink garage and a wonderful yard. It had tulips and roses and blueberry bushes. They had two apple trees, too. When Boink Bunny got there, he knocked on the door. He heard nothing. He knocked harder. Still nothing.  I think I will go inside and see what they're doing. They might be busy, but  I don't think so at this time of day.

So he opened the door. It was a simple house. He saw lots of pictures of Uncle Piggy and a few of Gramma Duck. He saw a comfy sofa and a few shelves. In the kitchen, was a sink and a black stove. He saw a dishwasher, too.  Pack and Doing  were no where to be seen. He looked in every room in their house.     They must be doing some errands, he said. I'll come back and try again later.

 So he went home and played basketball by himself. It's not fun playing basketball alone, said Boink Bunny. I think I'll go to the planetarium instead. So he hopped into his car and drove to the planetarium. I want to go back home! said Doing Duck.  Do not worry. Boink Bunny might......MIGHT!  I want him NOW!

Stop that racket! demanded a dirty robot named Horn Biscuits. I want peace and quiet while I am eating! Horn Biscuits stuffed his mouth with biscuits. Doing Duck cried.  I want Boink Bunny to come!  Guards! Bring them to jail!

Pack and Doing went down the hall to jail. The planetarium was downtown and very close to Boink Bunny's neighborhood. It looked like a light blue half circle. It had small automatic doors.  It was very crowded at the planetarium.  He waited 15 minutes just to get in! He saw a movie while eating tasty buttery popcorn. The movie was about the bright faraway stars.     

After a short tour of the planetarium, he went to the roof and looked through a powerful black telescope.  He saw a gigantic, colorful spaceship with thousands of little windows along the sides.  Since the black telescope was so strong,   he could see a pig and a duck with a dirty looking robot beside them in one of the thousands of the little windows in the spaceship.    Say, said Boink Bunny. Does that robot keep himself clean?  And, that pig looks exactly like Pack Pig.  And that duck looks like Doing Duck.  Boink Bunny jumped up in surprise! That is Pack and Doing! I've got to save them! But how?     

He looked around.  At the edge of the planetarium roof was a little, blue spacecraft. He hopped into it and pressed a button hoping it was the correct button for take off. But it wasn't. All it did was make an irritating pop-pop noise. Boink Bunny blocked his ears. Then he saw a button that said, Launch. He thought it said lunch. He was pretty hungry. The popcorn he had during the movie just didn't fill him up. So he pressed it. When he felt himself moving, he said, It must be bringing me to a restaurant or cafe. I wonder which. He completely forgot about Pack and Doing and thought about food. Then he looked out. He was about to go right of the edge of the planetarium roof! Boink Bunny started to panic! He tried to get out, but the doors would not open! He looked for a safety belt but there wasn't any!

I'm gonna die in here! Boink Bunny shouted. He closed his eyes thinking that he was a bad bunny for touching something that wasn't his. He opened his eyes to see that he was flying. Boink Bunny was relieved. Then he looked out of the window again.    

Wait a minute, said Boink Bunny. If I am flying, that must mean...... I'M GOING IN SPACE!!!!  Boink Bunny shouted. Now I can save Pack and Doing. In five minutes, he was in space. He looked back to see the earth. It was beautiful.    

Oh rats! said Boink Bunny. I didn't bring my camera. But saving my friends is more important then taking photographs of my planet.

 He saw Mars up ahead. It was small and red. On my way back, I'm going to play on Mars with Pack and Doing. He went past Mars in seconds. Right in front of him was a bunch of asteroids. It looked like a giant ring of penguin rookeries.    

This must be the asteroid belt. Oh and there's the colorful spaceship. Now to get through the asteroid belt, I need a steering wheel.  Boink Bunny looked around. He found a little wheel. This must be the steering wheel. Let's see if it is! He twirled the little wheel right. The little blue spacecraft did a sharp turn to the right. It is, said Boink Bunny. I'm going to go through that asteroid belt!    Boink Bunny went right, then left, forward, backward. Finally, he was out of the asteroid belt. Just a little damage. Not much.  The colorful spaceship was right in front of him. He landed in a small rectangular hole in the top of the colorful spaceship. He shut off the little, blue spacecraft and got out. He saw a lot of little, stout robots with two colors on them. He looked for a door to get inside. He found one.    

Just as he was walking toward the door, someone behind him said in a robotic voice,  Halt! Who goes there!     Boink Bunny turned around to see one of the stout robots. This one was green and blue. It had a little gun. The gun looked like a long, skinny, black, pole with a trigger.     B-boink Bunny.  Boink Bunny said in a shaky voice.    

Trespasser, it said. It signaled to a another little, stout robot. This robot was blue and red. The green and blue robot whispered to the other. The other one nodded and took Boink Bunny through the door. Boink Bunny and the robot went down winding stairs. At the end of the stairs was a big door with no door knob. The stout robot pressed a few buttons on the wall (that it could reach.) The big door opened revealing the big dirty robot with a bowl of biscuits in front of him that he had seen at the planetarium.    

What have you brought me 2-3? the dirty robot said to the stout robot with his mouth full of biscuits. (I don't know why this robot eats. So don't ask!)     Trespasser. B-boink Bunny,  the stout robot replied to the big dirty robot.     Bring him to the jail cell, the dirty robot said after swallowing his biscuits. More stout robots came and took him to a cold jail cell. They locked him in. Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice saying,    

Boink Bunny, is that you? Boink Bunny turned around to see Pack and Doing.      Pack! Doing! Your safe! Boink Bunny said hugging them both. Now, do you know what that big dirty robot's name is?  Yes, said Doing Duck. Horn Biscuits.       

No wonder he was eating biscuits. Now, how did you get here? My guess is that some how he sensed us out. I remember this spaceship landing in our front yard. Horn Biscuits came out and took us, and then I started crying. Now how did you get here? In the planetarium spacecraft.

But now we've got to make a plan how to  get out of here! Pack said. But as Pack just finished his sentence, they heard a whisper. It said,   Psst! Are you Pack, Doing and Boink?

 In front of their jail cell was a weird alien guy.     Yes, said Boink Bunny quickly.     I am Snake Eye. Horn Biscuits wants you to be his slave. Not a prisoner! he said. He unlocked their jail cell and led them back to Biscuits. On the way, Doing was explaining his plan.    

When he asks us to do an order, you will say sure and throw a bowl of biscuits at him, then run up the stairs and get in the blue spacecraft and blast off. Then you can shoot at the colorful spaceship. That blue spacecraft has a gun you know. Now remember that plan! Horn Biscuits was now right in front of them.    Give me that bowl of biscuits. Horn Biscuits said.    

Sure! said Pack Pig as he threw the biscuits at Horn Biscuits.     Come on! yelled Boink Bunny. Good thing the big door was open! They raced out that big door and up those stairs! They ran into a big green alien that said,     Who dares to go past the evil Clobster?   We do! Pack said pushing Clobster off the stairs. Clobster yelped for help as he sailed down and down. They heard Horn Biscuits running up the stairs.     Hurry! shouted Doing.

They ran up the stairs as fast as they could. They ran to the blue spacecraft. They got inside and sailed right toward the asteroid belt. The big colorful spaceship followed them.     NOW! SHOOT! yelled Pack.

Pack pointed to a button. Boink turned around and pressed the button! A direct hit! The bullet struck the colorful space ship. It snapped in two!   Let's go play on Mars! suggested Boink Bunny. So they played and played on Mars for a half an hour.

Then, they went back in the planetarium's spacecraft to the planetarium. Boink Bunny, Pack and Doing got interviewed by the news reporters because they were the first people to go beyond Mars. They really didn't know what to say!  They were exhausted after such a long adventure.     After that, Boink Bunny drove them to his house where they watched television and relaxed with a bag of potato chips. On the news they heard,    Pig, duck and bunny saved themselves from a dirty looking robot named Horn Biscuits.   That sounds familiar! said Pack Pig.