The Treasure

                                                                              Chapter 1
                                                                              The Map
    Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Max. Max loved to play. His favorite thing to play was find the treasure. Sometimes Max would spend hours and hours playing the game. He dreamed that one day he would find a buried treasure. And one day his dream came true. I'll tell you how it happened. 

One day when Max woke-up everything was strange but he didn't notice. He began to stretch and rub his eyes, like he always did. He looked at the floor and he found something. It was a piece of paper rolled up. Max thought for a moment. " I know, it must be a treasure map." he said.  He picked up the paper. He was right. It was a treasure map. Max was excited that his dream came true. He went to show his parents, but they weren't there. He looked all over the house. He even looked outside. He started to cry and said to himself,  " Pucker - up Max, they are probably just at the new neighbors house." He called the new neighbors and asked if they were there but the new neighbors said that they weren't there.


                                                                         Chapter  2
                                                            Where Could They Be


    Max was really scared. " How will I get to school? Who will feed me? Who will take me places when I need to go somewhere?" He thought. Max started yelling, " Mom,Dad, where are you?" Just as he started to cry he saw a note that said," Dear Max, the only way to find your parents is to use your map." Now Max was even more scared because he had to go on a journey by himself. So he decided to take his friends and classmates along.  They liked to play find the treasure too. When Max's friends had heard what had happened, they felt bad for Max and decided to go with him.  So all Max's friends thought of ways to tell their parents.  Finally they thought of a good way.  Their way was to tell their parents that they were going on a trip with the teacher and classmates.  The nest day Max and his friends started to pack.  Once they were done packing they set off on their journey.
                                                                           Chapter 3
                                                                      A Long Journey
    As Max and his friends started to walk, they saw a man.  "Something is strange about that man", Max's friend, Fred said.  Fred is a sneaky kid.  "I think you're right, Fred", said Max.  Everyone paused.  The man saw the kids looking at him.  Then the man disappeared in a flash.  So Max and his friends just kept walking.  "I don't know why but the man just creeps me out", said Gloria.  "Yah, he creeps me out too," everyone began to say.  But they still kept wailing.  Then Lars, Max's classmate stopped and said, "Let's just forget about him. It's nothing serious."  So they just kept walking.  "According to the map we should take the next right," said Max.  They did.  Then the map said to turn left at the stoplight.  They followed the map for a long time.  Then Alex, Max's neighbor said, "Look! It's getting dark! We should find shelter." Just then they saw a hotel. " we should stay here for the night." Max said to all of his friends. " wait, we don't have a reservation." Fred said. Then Max said, "maybe if we tell them our story they'll  let us stay." So they stayed at the hotel. The next morning they woke-up at the crack-of-dawn. And set off again.

                                                                    Chapter 4

                                                              Are We There Yet ?


    Just as they started to walk they saw the strange man again. This time he walked up to them. He said "Hello." "Where are your parents?" my parents were not there when I woke-up," Max said. Then the man smiled and looked at Max in a funny kind of way.
Then he said " Oh, I feel bad for you." But it sounded like he wasn't telling the truth. "My name is Phillip Patterson. "The man said. Just then Gloria said," Excuse us." The kids huddled." I heard of this man on the news. He is known for taking parents and leaving maps for the kids," Fred said.  "I've got a plan," said Max, "on the count of three we run---one, two three." said Max.  Then they ran.  They followed the map for a few more hours. "Are we there yet?" asked Ashley.  Then Max said, "According to the map we should take one more left and we'll be there".  So they took the next left to find a huge house.  "Be quiet." Max said.
                                                                               Chapter  5
                                                                              The Escape


    All of a sudden, Fred disappeared.  Ashley started shouting. "Fred where are you?"  "Quiet down Ashley", Gloria said.  They started to hear footsteps. "SHHHH.........."Max said but the footsteps grew louder and louder.  Then the strange man (Phillip Patterson) came up to them.  "Well, well, well, look who we have here," said the man.  "We are calling the police!!!!" shouted Max.  "Actually you're coming with me." said the man immediately.  "We're not coming with you, besides we know who you are and what your known for', said Gloria.  Then the man locked them in a big room. " Hey you can't just leave us here', they said. "Hay is for horses," said the man as he walked out of the room laughing an evil laugh.  Just then they saw Fred come into the room.  He got them out of the room .  "Let's go save your parents, Max," said Fred. "Who's with me?"  Everyone joined hands then they found Max's parents in another room.  Then they followed the map back home.  The kids told Max's parents about the trip.
                                                                                    Chapter 6
    The next day the school newspaper was for sale.  Max decided to buy one.  Max started to read the paper.  "Look we are in the paper!!" Max said.  "WOW", everyone said.  Their teacher Mrs. Scart said wow too. Heroes, us thought Max." We wouldn't have done it without Fred " said Max.  Fred blushed.  "Well at least you kids got back safe," Mrs. Scart said.  "Mrs. Acart, can we please write about our trip in our journals?" asked Ashley.  "Of course we can," answered Mrs. Scart. "Did you ever hear of Phillip Patterson?" asked Max. " Yes, yes I did," said Mrs. Scart.  'Well he is the guy who took my parents," said Max.  Just as the people selling the newspapers were handing out the door all the kids including the teacher shouted, "Wait we want one too!!".  So all the kids and Mrs. Scart bought a newspaper.  As a class they read the paper.  Max and his friends, parents and teacher lived happily ever after.
                                                                                          By: Noelle

                                                                                                  Grade 2

                                                                                         March 22, 2006