The Call Of Love

Sitting alone beneath a tree,
I buried my face in my knees.

Gentle sobs escaped,
From my curled bundle.
To my utmost surprise,
I felt the touch of a gentle muzzle.

Lifting my face up in wonder,
Who did I see but the cause of my tears.
A beauty in bay, set me to ponder,
Could it be, she had answered my fears?

Her loving face comforted me,
As she showered her inner strength.
Gently brushing away my tears,
She became my every breath.

Lowering her neck, she offered support,
Helping me to stand.
I slowly mounted on her back,
Patting her with my hand.

Sitting high on the horse I loved,
An unexplainable joy filled my soul.
The horse of my dreams had come to me!

With her eyes glistening with love,
I understood, she was finally mine.
Gaily we trotted home,
Wrapped in a blanket of Love.

Emmanuela ~ Grade 9

October 5, 2004