Bailey and The Magical Books
Bailey  was sitting in the library reading a good book. Her eyes were fixed on the story. Bailey's mom was the librarian. She was out for a while, and that left Bailey to devour all the books she could possibly read. Bailey was just finishing up Lightning. A story about a puppy, who could run really fast. She went into the fiction room to put the book back.
But when she opened the door, there were books lying all over the floor. She started to pick all of the books up, when she saw an action adventure book. She opened it, when all of a sudden, rainbow colored fuzz balls jumped out of the book, and came at her. She started to do kung foo! I didn't know I knew Karate. Bailey thought. After she kicked them, they dissolved into sugar. Yum! Bailey decided she would open the next book, and see what would happen.
All of a sudden, an old lady came out of the book.
"Hello Bailey!" She said. Bailey thought she was kind of creepy.
"How do you know my name?" Bailey asked
"Your well known in this library." The old lady said. "When you open a book, fuzz balls will pop out. You must defeat them all to win the game. Goodbye Bailey!"
"Wait!" Bailey shouted, but the old lady was already gone.
Bailey defeated all the fuzz balls, until there was one book left. In the last book, giant fuzz balls popped out. But this time, the fuzz balls fought back.
All of a sudden, Bailey was teleported back to the chair she had just been sitting in. She must have won.
By Danni
Grade 5

January 2007


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