Ali Marone
Age 13
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Submitted Feb. 13, 2005

A Shattered Youth
The moon shines bright, reflecting of a still river,
a young girl stands and looks at the night sky,
the stars as motionless as a dark picture,
and while she looks upon a shattered youth, a shattered mirror,
shows a shattered truth.
She feels like she can stand above others,
black and white, there are no colors,
she knows her heart is as black as vampire's fangs,
her eyes pierce the world like daggers,
now red and green, there are more colors.


Rapping Bugs Bunny
I know a rapping Bugs Bunny
who raps and raps till his ears feel funny,
he's a weird rapping Bugs Bunny,
I have to admit, if he doesn't rap his
way, he'll throw a BIG fit.
It's funny when he raps, he raps about 
carrots, and it goes a little something like this:
"Yo, yo! Beautiful carrots!
I'll never give up up, not even to the ferret!
And once I'm done rapping my rap,
I'll find my bat, then beat up the cat!"  



If I were fire,
I could hypnotize the weakest of people,
the light and heat from flames make some
wonder about my fatal existence.
I destroy homes and forests, I'm known as a threat,
but if they play with me, they will regret it!