Julia Bowman Robinson

Julia Robinson, July 13, 1985

December 8, 1919 - July 30, 1985



There was Raphael:

Children were sparse for the heart scarring fever, lost dreams of love

Fled with elder Constance, torn, repaired by small Billie.

Determines if a given equation is solvable with integers.

Who feels like an ugly duckling turned beautiful in math.

       Who needs a push in the right direction.

Who supplies the missing key in the solution to the tenth problem.

Who fears the pre-swan era brought insecurities and a fear of passion.

Who wants the belief that the theorems and solutions don't make the first women whole.

               Born of St. Louis,

             Found in St. Diego,

                 Bowman Robinson

Pam Wieczorek

March 10, 2005