Forever and a Day


Shallow rivers

And dew covered grass

A beautiful dress on a very young lass.


These are some things

You will find in the meadow

The meadow has all of these things.


It is beautiful at sunrise

At the beginning of the day

But mystical in the evening

When its colors change to gray.


Walking into the meadow

Is like walking into a dream

Something different all the time

Nothing is how it seems.


Grass is soft on your feet

And clouds soft on your eyes

Water cool in your hands

Water cool on your toes

My legs seem to take me wherever

The river flows.


My favorite part of the meadow

Is everything in fact.

Because the meadow makes me happy

In a different way

I would stay there forever

Forever and a day.


By: Kathryn Stubeck

Age 12

Grade 6

Hobe Sound, Florida