There was once a boy, called Harry, who never ate his vegetables and when his mom was not looking he threw them in the bin. One day, Harry’s mother had to go to a party and had to get a babysitter for Harry. Harry’s mother knew a man called Mr. Brownie and trusted him in Mr. Brownie’s care.
Mr. Brownie had to baby sit Harry, for two hours. Harry was a very dishonest boy. He always said, "I have finished my vegetables." When Mr. Brownie came, it was dinner time so he got some carrots and cut them. After giving the carrots to Harry, Mr. Brownie got up straight away to watch T.V.

This gave Harry a chance to throw his carrots in the bin. When Mr. Brownie came back Harry was just sitting there. Mr. Brownie asked Harry, "Harry, did you finish your vegetables?"

"Yes," he answered. After that Mr. Brownie beckoned to Harry, “Could you look down there?” he asked pointing to the bin.  Harry looked. There were lots of carrot pieces. Then Mr. Brownie said, “Pick up the pieces and eat them”. ‘I DON’T LIKE VEGETABLES’ shouted Harry at the top of his voice. Mr. Brownie’s face turned red. At the same time he cast a spell on Harry to turn green every time he said, "I DON’T LIKE VEGETABLES." So every time Harry said, I DON’T LIKE VEGETABLES’ he turned green.
One day his mom noticed that Harry was a light, leafy green. She asked Harry, “Are you feeling sick?" “Yes”, answered Harry. I will have to take you to the doctor, answered his mom. It was two minutes to the doctor’s place. Harry was very nervous, for his mom was taking him to the strictest doctor in town. The doctor gave his mom some pills. When Harry was supposed to eat them, he did. And when the pills went into his mouth they were scrumptious! When Harry asked his mom, “What are these pills made of?” Mom answered "Vegetables, of course!"

At this point Harry thought vegetables were now so good!  I think I will have them from now on.

Now Harry has stopped turning green and turned into his normal color and is now the happiest boy in town.
Written by:

Aneeb Sheikh
9 years
Year 4

March 1, 2007