Only ask one or two questions while reading the story and again ask only one or two questions after reading. Vary the questions each time a  story is read.

While reading the story

1.   Tell the main things that have happened so far.
2.   What do you think the author�s message will be? Why do you think that?
3.   What is the problem in the story? How do you think it will be solved?
4.   What do you think will happen next?
5.   How do you feel at this point in the story? Why?
6.   Every time you read to or with your child, discuss the meaning of any word your child may not              know. Use the context of the story to help decide on the meaning.

After reading the story

1.   Who are the main characters?
2.   Where does the story take place?
3.   Describe the setting.
4.   Does a character in this story remind you of anyone else you have read about? If so, how are             they alike? How are they different?
5.   Choose one character. Why was this character important in the story?
6.   Tell the main events that happened in the story.
7.   What was your favorite part of the story and why?
8.   What happened first in the story? What happened next?
9.   If you change the ending of the story, how would it end?
10. How would you describe the main character in the story?
11. Did the pictures help to add meaning to the story? Why or why not?


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