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I Am .... Poems

I am a squirrel
I dress in smooth soft fur!
I need delicious food to keep me from
Dying an icy cold death.
My relatives are chittery, fat, fluffy chipmunks!
I vacation to a warm snug home underground.
My job is to survive the furious winters.
I desire crunchy brown acorns.
Jenna ~ Grade 5

I am a Patriot
I want to be independent
I hope we will win
The Revolutionary War.
I think King George III
Will give up.
I will give all of my
Strength to this country
I am a Patriot and an American.
Kayleigh ~ Grade 4

I am a guitar
I dress in notes
I need to be retuned
I am related to a cello
I vacation at a concert.
My job is to be heard.
I desire to be played with love.
Lauryn ~ Grade 4

I am a goldfish.
I dress in fancy gills and fantastic colors.
I need water to survive.
I am related to the guppy.
I vacation in a lovely coral reef.
My job is to keep people dazzled in my bright, beautiful colors.
I desire to feel the warmth from the light while eating.
Laura ~ Grade 4

I am a cookie
I need to be baked.
I smell luscious when you enter my kitchen.
I take a long time to be completed so I
Come out crunchy, but tasty.
I am a cookie.
Laura ~ Grade 4

I am the ocean.
I'm seen by the people who come to visit.
I'm covered in blue-green foamy waves.
I'm related to the sparkling sea.
I need more people to keep me company.
My job is to make people happy when
They look out over me.
Then I know I'm noticed.
McKenzie ~ Grade 5

I am paper.
I'm used to tell wonderful, adventurous stories on.
I'm seen by the people who read me.
I'm related to the binder I rest in.
I can vacation in messy desks.
My job is to make people enjoy writing and learning
Many different things.
McKenzie ~ Grade 5

I am bad luck.
I dress in black
Like on Friday the 13th
I need to give people no luck at all or
I will be torn to shreds.
I am related to good luck, but am the opposite.
I vacation under a tall ladder or a broken mirror.
My job is to harass people especially on my
Favorite holiday...Friday the 13th.
I desire to be as dark as the night and the
Worst luck anyone could ever have.
Jennifer ~ Grade 4

I am a butterfly.
I dress in beautifully colored wings.
I need the nectar of a flower in the spring.
I am related to a dragonfly flying up, up to the tallest tree.
I vacation in spring in a garden full of delicious flowers
With lots of juicy nectar.
My job is to make all the beautiful flowers bloom healthy
In the sparkling, warm, sun.
I desire to flutter away to a world of exquisite tasting nectar.
Jennifer ~ Grade 4

I am a Teddy Bear.
I dress in soft fabric.
I need children around to hug me.
I am related to the Care-Bears.
I vacation at Care-Alot.
My job is to look cute and keep children and adults happy.
I always desire to be loved more.
Andrew ~ Grade 5

I am a young, white snowy tiger.
I wear thick black stripes.
I need a big, delicious meal.
I am related to a Siberian tiger.
I vacation in a cold, wide, snowy land.
My job is to hunt down my prey.
I desire to run wild, but free.
Shaina ~ Grade 5

I am sadness.
I dress in the darkest blue.
I need unhappiness to always keep me company.
I am related to loneliness.
I vacation in a confined, little room.
My job is to make people cry.
Vincent ~ Grade 4

I am a dragon.
I protect my lair from enemies.
I breathe fire out of my mouth.
I live in a dark and dusty castle underground
In a candle-lit lair.
I make my nest out of whatever I can find.
I am a dragon.
Joseph ~Grade 4

I am the United States Flag.
I am dressed in proud, bold colors of red, white, and blue.
I need for people around the world to respect what I stand for
And the people in our country to remain patriotic
I am related to all flags that stand for freedom.
I vacation on ships, buildings, homes, on people's shirts
And in many a heart.
My job is to show the courage, and love, for all who have died
To keep me flying high in the name of freedom.
I desire peace throughout the entire world.
Mrs. Stein

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Color Poems

Blue comes from the rain pouring down upon me.
Blue hides in the ocean sparkling as bright as can be!
Blue feels like the cool pond as I put my hand slowly in.
Blue smells like my mom's hot, squishy blueberry pie.
Blue works as a spring, in the forest to give animals
the water of life!
Jenna ~ Grade 5

White comes from a snow storm burying my town in fierce cold.
White hides in the misty bottom of a pounding waterfall.
White feels like the soft clouds I lay on as I dream.
White sells like delicious mashed potatoes.
White works as well as Peter Cottontail saving the carrot garden.

Red comes from the cold blood from the dead bodies in a graveyard.
Red hides in the crunchy, autumn leaves.
Red feels like the burning, boiling, hot lava from a volcano.
Red smells like lush apples from an apple tree.
Red works as fireworks on the 4th of July making everyone's day and bringing smiles to the faces of children.

Orange comes from the evening sunset.
Orange smells like autumn coming in after the dog days of summer.
Orange can take you anywhere you want.
Orange hides in an amazing, sweet mango.
Orange works as a beautiful butterfly getting nectar from flowers,
and then fluttering around the world as we know it.
Orange is a great color.
Cash ~ Grade 4

Blue Blue comes from the ocean splashing down onto the sandy shore.
Blue hides behind a sun setting past a shimmering ocean.
Blue feels like a beautiful bluebird
As it flies past my window as I just wake up.
Blue smells like the first day of spring-airy and clean.
Blue works hard trying to be a bright, sunny day for all to enjoy.
Shaina~ Grade 5

Red comes from fireworks shooting into the sky on the 4th of July.
Red hides in a young apple tree in the corner of my backyard.
Red feels like a shiny apple on my teacher's desk.
Red smells like a ripen cherry on top of my ice cream sundae.
Red works as an umbrella that keeps me from getting wet
as the rain pours down.

Blue comes from the ocean waves crashing down disturbing
a person who is surfing.
Blue hides in a lot of artwork being colored or painted.
Blue feels like water rushing through your fingers.
Blue smells like a blue whale swimming through the water.
Blue works as the sky floating high above.
Blue sounds like the waves on a beach.
Blue is related to all the cool colors like dark green.
Blue is able to douse a wild fire eating a house.
Blue is the color of sadness.
Vincent ~ Grade 4
Red comes from a burning fire popping out of a bubbling pot.
Red hides in a crab that is in a raging fight.
Red feels like blood furiously coming out of a newly made cut.
Red smells like a beautiful rose pricking people with its thorns.
Red tastes like a hot chili pepper,
burning the tongue to a crisp of all who dare try it.
Red works as a rainbow always shining on people
making them happy on a dull day.
Jennifer ~ Grade 4

Lavender comes from the all glittery sky
while the sun sets.
Lavender hides in the corner of a flower.
Lavender feels like a blanket resting softly upon me.
Lavender smells like the creamy frosting
On my birthday cake.
Lavender works as hard as any other color.
McKenzi ~ Grade 5

Red comes from the apple in the fruit bowl on my counter.
Red hides in the brace and powerful flay flapping in the sky.
Red feels like the shell on a small lady bug.
Red smells like the beautiful tulip growing on the
bright green grass outside my door.
Red works as hope for all the soldiers involved in the Iraqi war.

Pink comes from the meadow as it sleeps through the night.
Pink hides in the flowers as deer frolic though.
Pink feels as lively as friends as they play.
Pink smells like a pig that rolled in the mud.
Pink works as a ballroom dress as it sways with every step.
Laura ~ Grade 4

Green comes from a croaking frog in a pond.
Green hides in the grass as a grasshopper
hops through the night.
Green sounds like grass growing silently,
off in a meadow.
Green smells like freshly cut grass that a farmer
just cut in a field.
Green sits on a rock with moss, as slippery as a
seal as it dives into the sea.

Brown comes from the dead leaves falling from the
autumn trees.
Brown hides in a bear's fur.
Brown smells like a piece of yummy chocolate.
Brown works as many, many pennies, so I can buy food
for my hungry family.
Kayleigh ~ Grade 4

White comes from the sparkling snow that
crunches when you step into it.
White runs to his cousin, gray,
because black was making fun of him.
White smells like a vanilla shake.
White feels like a paper cut from smooth-white paper.

Orange comes from the horn upon a unicorn's head.
Orange hides in a beehive of sweet honey.
Orange feels like the sponge my mom uses to wash
the dishes with.
Orange smells like fire, burning with flames.
Orange works as the sun rising from the east.
Taylor ~ Grade 4

Blue comes from the ocean where the playful dolphins swim.
Blue hides in the sky while night comes and takes over.
Blue feels like sliding through slip and slide
when you jump and start to slide.
Blue smells like a blooming flower as the bud begins to bloom.
Blue works as the deep dark sea
where all the secrets are.
Blue smells like the freshness of a bud beginning
to bloom into a flower.

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Photo Poems

A clear, swift waterfall
Pounds the innocent water below.
A rainbow streaks across the sky
Showing its magnificent colors.
Birds gliding toward the
misty, dark path.
Erik ~ Grade 5

The warm moist air is suffocating
the delicate flower.
Suddenly a breeze rolls in.
Parakeets swiftly move across
the bright blue sky.
A tiger drops down in a fast bolt
trying to pounce on its prey.
A briskly moving storm rumbles through
the warm moist air.
While a rain shower pours down upon the
helpless flower, bringing it to a slow death.
The rainforest is full of fantastic miracles
just waiting to happen.
Jenna ~ Grade 5

On a beach a crab waits
for a meal of delicious shrimp.
The sun beats down hard,
So the crab slowly moves
into a freshly made sandcastle.
The tide begins to rise
Making the crab move swiftly
back into the water.
Then disappearing
into the blue-green sea.
Laura ~ Grade 4
A vulture
Spying its prey in the distance
The fog blinding him
Yet, he swoops down
Snaps up a squirrel
Bringing the food of life
Back to its nest.
Joseph ~Grade 4

I see the dimming sun
Getting ready to lay down and go to sleep.
The stars begin to get brighter and brighter.
People are walking barefoot
As the tide grows on top of the sand.
Sunset at the beach is beautiful!
McKenzi ~ Grade 5

A palm tree sways side to side
As the foamy waves splash upon the shore.
A light brown coconut falls and lands
in the soft clay-colored sand.
As the water recedes back into the ocean
I see little crabs escaping from out of the foamy sea.
The moon peeks over the ocean
And I flash my camera.
Shaina ~ Grade 5

A red hot
Boiling oasis of fire
An awakened neighborhood
of volcanoes.
Streaming waterfalls of magma.
The hot air
Embracing the mist
The camera fogs up.
Andrew ~ Grade 5

Quiet and solemn
Walking into a whispering
dark forest
Of ghostly figures.
Animals moaning
Driving into a great ball of fog.
Waking up seeing blurry
Looking at gray smoke
Rising from the fields.
Gettysburg, at night
Can be scary.
Kayleigh ~ Grade 4

Twenty acres of bare land.
One big tree with
hundreds of leaves,
Wind pushing brown dirt
off the ground.
Oklahoma can be very hot!
Lauryn ~ Grade 4

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5 Ws Poems

Soft, whispering wind
Blowing the dark orange leaves
In the early part of the yawning morning
Toward the front of my house
It is time for Autumn
Kayleigh ~ Grade 4

The fierce turquoise waterfalls
Pounding the rocks below
In the misty air towards the bottom
In the young of the evening
Nature in all its beauty.
Jenna ~ Grade 5

A quivering young polar bear
Hiding from a furious snow wolf
In the freezing cold ice caps of Antarctica
At the purple and pink spectacular sunset
Nature taking its course.

My pony, CC
Was galloping along
At Laurel Crown Farms
When I was playing with him
Just so we could have fun together.
Laura ~ Grade 4

Wonderful spring!
The smell of flowers in the wind
On a sunny day
In the morning
Spring is in the air!
Lauryn ~ Grade 4

A young, orange and black tiger
Pouncing on his younger brother
In the middle of a huge beautiful rain forest
As the light from the sun starts to fade away
To have a little bit of fun.
Shaina ~ Grade 5

A young, tall giraffe
Trying to reach high on a tree
In a wide, grassy land called Africa
As the morning sun peeks over
Wanting to be just like her mother.

A brown furry monkey
Trying to reach a big yellow ripe banana
In the moist jungle
In the late summer's day.
He's starving!
McKenzi ~ Grade 5

A large great white shark
Is swimming in a circle again and again
In the ocean
At night
Since he was chasing a midnight snack!
Vincent ~ Grade 4

A rushing waterfall
Dragging people in a canoe
Down the ragging river so they go...splat!
In Puerto Rico in a wet, green rainforest
In late evening when the shiny moon shines
To view it's beauty.
Jennifer ~ Grade 4

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