You get homework every evening. A parent MUST sign the homework each evening. 

Please have the child put the homework in his/her schoolbag each evening.  We are trying to build responsibility.  You, as a parent, are not responsible for doing this.


MONDAY: Spelling--Read words on the spelling list.  Write each word 5 times each.  Please remember to do your heading!   Math sheet.

Reading:  Have your child read a book every night, or at least read for 20 minutes daily.

TUESDAY:  Write one sentence for each spelling word.  Remember to extend those sentences! 

Reading: Read a story.  Remember fluency and comprehension count!

WEDNESDAY:  Put spelling words in ABC order. Do language sheet.  Reading:  Read a book and if you like you can write me a letter telling me about it.  Your job is to encourage me to read this book!

THURSDAY:  Have a parent give you a spelling pre-test. Do the math sheet. Reading: Read for 20 minutes or longer.

If your child doesn't get 100% on the spelling test on Friday he/she will have to write each incorrect word 10x for homework on the weekend. If on Monday he/she still cannot spell the word it will be 15x and so on each day.


Any questions please call or E-mail me.

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