During Guided Reading Things Other Kids Can Do


The most important thing that students can do is to read!



Students can be engaged in the following activities when the teacher is having a guided reading lesson:
  • Buddy Reading


  • Reading around the room - charts or poems displayed on bulletin boards or walls


  • Reading a big book with two or three other kids


  • Working alone or with a partner using sentence strips


  • Working alone or with a partner using small desk top sentence  strips made in class


  • Working with a partner or small group using sentence strips of familiar texts and the pocket chart to put together in sequence a poem, a book, or songs


  • Listening to or reading along with a cassette and book at a Listening Center


  • Reading to or with a partner


  • Reading books independently from their personal selection of books or poetry anthology


  • Reading from a computer


  • Reading games in a center