See What We Do Each Day...This is subject to change 

Since it is the beginning of the school year it will take time to ease the children into this schedule.  I am very flexible!

Monday-Monday we are very busy!  We spend most of the day: making words, doing our spelling patterns, going over our new 5 Word Wall words, doing our homework packet  shared reading, journal writing and math. Ask your child about the making words segment.  They can bring home the board of letters to practice and try and stump you!             Music


Tuesday-Writers Workshop-45min. with conferences, Shared Reading, mini lesson given, Independent Reading, Math, word bingo or  wordo, Guided Reading Lesson, on the back activities and guess the covered word. 



Wednesday-Center Activities, Guided Reading, Journal writing, Independent Reading and interactive writing lessons, Science, Math and Shared Reading.



Thursday- Center Activities, Guided Reading, Journal writing, Independent Reading, Science or Social Studies lessons, Math, and Writers Workshop.



Friday- Journal writing, Independent Reading, Poetry lesson and writing of poetry. We discuss what we learned for the week and what we should be doing as good readers and writers. Math is in the afternoon.