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Classroom Rules 


 1.  Respect others.  Be kind in your actions and words.

 2.  Listen carefully to directions.

 3.  Work quietly.  Do not disturb others who are working.

 4.  Respect school and personal property.

 5.  Work and play safely.   





1.  We are teammates.

2. We cooperate with our teachers and with each other.

3. We show respect for each other's property and for each other.

4. NO put downs!  We support one another.

5. We do helpful things for one another, NOT harmful things.

6. We will work toward our goals.


To keep our class happy and safe, we need to follow our school rules. We need to be good listeners, NO put-downs whatsoever, help our classmates if they need help, keep our hands to ourselves, raise our hands to speak and be good friends to ALL. To help us learn to keep the rules, we have a behavior management system called "Priority Mail."






 Negative Consequences--Rules

All I ask for is common courtesy, and respect, not only for me but their peers. I will re-teach something 100 times if necessary, but only if the child is paying attention and truly doesn't understand.

If your child is talking or fooling around his/her name goes on the board. If they continue to talk or fool around a check goes next to their name.  If they continue to do what they shouldn't, another check is put on and they aren't allowed to talk to the group for 15 minutes.  If this continues, they are removed from the group, must write a letter to you explaining what went on during our teaching - learning time.  

If the worst scenario happens they will get sent to the Principal's office.  Thus far, in all the years teaching, I might of sent two.

My children always seem to be well behaved and I rarely have any problems.  We understand one another as the year goes on.  They tend to realize that I love them and only want the best for them, just like their parents.



Positive Reinforcement

When your child does a good deed, or improves in anything, they get their name in the Priority Mailbox.

  The mores times your name is entered the better your chance of winning each month.  Ask your child what the rewards are!  I'm sure they will be eager to share.

Any time children follow the rules they get rewarded!

Sometimes it might be extra free time, lunch with the teacher to discuss a book they've read, control group-where they get to walk to specials without the teacher or anything else the class decides is "SPECIAL".

If you have any questions, please feel to jot a note, call the school, call me at home or e-mail me!

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