Vocabulary Words


 abacus-----This is used in China and other parts of the world to do math problems.

Asia-----China is on the continent of Asia.


 Beijing-----The capital of China.


 calligraphy-----the art of beautiful handwriting.


  China-----the third largest country in the world.


  Chinese language-----One of the world's oldest languages.


 Confucius---- He was the most influential and respected Philosopher in Chinese history.



  dynasty-----a line of rulers from the same family.           


  emperor-----The king or ruler is called this.


  Great Wall of China-----It is 4,160 miles long. Built to keep invaders out.


  Hong Kong-----One of the world's most crowded places. Many people travel to this city because it is a center of trade with much activity.                                                                        


 Huang He-----It is sometimes called the Yellow River because it carries large amounts of soft yellow earth. It is China's second longest river.                          


  Mount Everest----- It is in the Himalaya Mountains. It is the tallest mountain in the world.                                    


 Spring Festival-----It is commonly called Chinese New Year. It takes place in mid January to mid February. It falls at different times each year.                                                          


 Tibet-----It has been part of China since the 1950's. It is called the "Roof of the World". It's snow covered mountains are the highest in the world.                                    

 Yangtze River-----means "Long River". It is the longest river in China and the third largest in the world.                                           





Xin Nian (New Year)