1. Fall, Autumn Theme: Lesson Plans and Activities
Thematic Units, resources, and lesson plans organized by theme.   
2 . Tissue Leaf Rubbings Lesson /Art Activity
Art project - make a beautiful picture with tissue paper leaf rubbings. 
3 . Poetry Writing using the Seasons: Season Fairies Get Sacked
A lesson to encourage poetry writing using knowledge about the 4 Seasons.

Why Do Leaves Change Color? (For Teachers) 
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6.  Autumn Activities  


7.  Autumn Crafts


8.  Fall Themes
9. Apple Theme and worksheet to print.     


10. Maple Leaf Puzzle for Kids 


11. Autumn Collection Book (with templates-printable) 


12.  Why Leaves Change Color?  (For younger children)    


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More Activities

Autumn Hangman



 Leaf mobiles, leaf graphing, match-ups, songs, poems, rubbings--if you're looking for leaf art activities, visit this site for suggestions. 

FALL CLIP ART: Scroll down this page for back to school clip art and autumn backgrounds as well.

This is a fun art lesson for any grade level... turn your painted rocks in to an autumn theme, find larger rocks for garden borders, or even paint words on a darker background and have students compose poetry--much in the style of refrigerator poetry. 


AUTUMN LEAF ART PROJECTS: This leaf paint and press idea can actually make beautiful prints--use a brayer for older grades, and be careful to not coat the leaf with too much paint so the veins show through.
APPLE CINNAMON ORNAMENTS: Not only for Christmas--create wonderfully smelling leaves to hang in your classroom.

Fall Jigsaw Puzzle

Fall Match Game

Fall Simon Says

Fall Word Search




1. During recess collect all kinds of leaves you find on the ground .  Put them into a paper bag.

*  Sort out your leaves according to simple and compound leaves.  If you do this in a group it is fun!

* Using the a graph, color in how many of each type you have found.

2.  Do some leaf rubbings on paper.  Lay your leaf with the vein side up on white paper and choose a fall color crayon.  Rub over the leaf with your crayon.

3.  Using graph paper place a leaf on top of the graph.  Trace the leaf. Count the squares inside the leaf to find the area.

      * Draw in the vein structure.

      * Describe the color and shape of your leaf.

      * Leaf type: simple or compound

4. Draw a picture of your leaf. (Need a cm ruler)

I found my leaf________________________.

My leaf is _______cm long and ________cm wide.

My leaf is colored____________________.

It is a compound/simple leaf.  (Circle one)

My leaf smells like____________________.

My leaf feels like_______________________.

What are leaves for?___________________.