Worksheet on Spiders

Print this out and answer the questions from the word box.

Spiders are not insects.  They belong to a group of animals called arachnids.  Spiders have no wings or antennae.  They have eight legs, which they use to crawl across their webs.  Spiders' webs are made of silk.  The silk is strong and comes from the spiders body.  Most spiders are helpful because they eat all kinds of insects and rarely harm humans. Some people do have an allergic reaction to a bite.  Most of us never realize that a spider has bitten us, so we call them harmless.  However, the black widow spider does have a poisonous bite.  Spiders are usually small.  But the tarantula could be as large as your hand.


                                                                 Word Box

wings     body     black widow     people     silk     eight     arachnids     webs

insects     crawl     harmful     antennae  allergy  strong


1.  Spiders belong to a group of animals called_____________________________.

2.  Spiders haven't any_______________ or __________________.

3.  They have __________ legs.

4.  Spiders use their legs to___________ across their_______________.

5.  Spiders are helpful because they eat_________________.

6.  Spiders don't usually harm __________________.

7.  Sometimes people do have a reaction to a harmless bite.  This is called an                       _____________________.

8.  Spiders' webs are made of ___________.  It is very ____________.

9.  The silk is made in the spider's _____________________.

10  Most spiders aren't ________________.  Only the_____________________ spider    has a poisonous bite.


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