Building a Spider's Web


     Most spiders spin webs wherever they live.  Orb webs are spun by garden spiders.  Like all other webs, orb webs are made of fine silk thread.  The thread comes from tiny openings in the spider's body and trails out behind the spider as the web is built.


     Orb webs are circular in shape and take about an hour to build.  The spider begins by making a four - sided frame, stretching between two objects, such a gateposts or trees.  Then the spin will add two diagonal line from corner to corner to make the frame stronger.  Next, threads are built from the center to the sides, almost like the spoke of a wheel.  The center of the web is made very strong.  Now, the spider spins a spiral from the center of the web out to the edges. Finally, the spider works back on the spiral toward the center, using stick silk so insects can be caught.  Orb webs are very strong and so not break in the wind, or when objects hit them.

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