Space Riddles

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Choose the words from the word rocket to answer each riddle.

sun    Mars    star    Earth    comet  moon    shuttle    meteorite     planet


It is called the "Red Planet."

There are no green men there.

It is close to us.

What is it?



It can be big or small.

It's full of metal.

It can make a big hole on Earth.

What is it?


It's so hot.

We can't live without it.

It's really a star.

What is it?


It is green.

It is blue.

It has air to breathe.

What is it?

It has gone up several times.

We watched it on TV.

It will carry people someday.

What is it?

 It streaks through the sky.

It goes very fast.

It looks like a ball of fire.

What is it?


This shines brightly.

It twinkles, too.

It is one of billions.

What is it?

Earth is one.

Venus is another.

Ours has life.

What is it?